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A new Car that delivers 300 km in a litre of Petrol : Jugaad

Students these days can do anything. Thats what we are hearing from students of Somaiya College who had made a car which claims that it delivers 300 km in a litre of Petrol. 300 km !!! yes , you heard it right a team of six students studying in Somaiya College in Mumbai has bunked their classes and moreover collected lots of scrap and put together to make a car which they claim delivers an average of 300km per litre of Petrol.

Average of 300 km per litre : Jugaad

The vehicle is powered by a lawn mower engine and too much surprise has only three wheels one at the rear and two at the front.

Kunal Jain who was one of the six students who worked for the car said,” In our library was a book named ‘Jugaad Innovation’. We were inspired by it. That’s why we thought the name Jugaad would be apt for this car.”

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Another very interesting thing is that this car is made of Fibre glass o make it light and weighs just 60 kg. The car cost around Rs. 4 lakh ( $7070 )  to build and it  has to be driven partly lying down, like in a race car.

Moreover, Tony Thomas, a Member of Design Team of the car said,” “We would spend about 8-9 hours on this after college, sometimes bunk college to work on the designs. Then, we visited manufacturing units to get a basic idea.”

Well !!! now for the promotion, The vehicle named Jugaad will be showcased at the Shell Eco-Marathon which is going to be held in Malaysia in July. The Shell Eco-Marathon is a very popular event where cars are judged by their fuel efficiency.

Finally, some Bright students have the answer to the rising fuel costs and high interest rates of cars in India. Lets give them a Thumbs Up for their success in Future and we will really love if that car goes live in the Streets.

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