9 Time-wasting habits Bloggers do Online that need to stop

If you work on a computer at work, or have been a student at one time then you are going to know how easy it is to waste time when sat at a computer. Even a wall becomes interesting as you stare up at it lifelessly wasting time. Bloggers take it upon themselves to write weekly blogs and work for free, which means they are highly prone to time wasting. There are also quite a few time-wasting ventures that bloggers can take up that are quite intentional (albeit misguided). Here are a few of the habits they tend to pick up. Here are the Top 9 Time wasting habits bloggers perform unintentionally and intentionally and should be regularly checked.

9 Time-wasting Habits Bloggers do :


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Rewriting or spinning the content of other people

It may seem like a good idea, and you may even justify it as research but it is not. Rewriting the content of others will dilute its knowledge and its value and will give nothing to your readers. It is a bad idea and may even get you in trouble with plagiarism issues. The problem is that many bloggers get a bit of writers block and start to think that even rewritten content is better than no content. If you are going to waste your time with rewriting then take pieces from multiple sources and make your content more concentrated instead of diluted.

Checking Facebook and other social media networks

Facebook is the ultimate time vampire and is able to suck hundreds of productive hours from you every year. It is a very good idea to keep your Facebook and other social media turned off whilst you are writing your blog. Saying to yourself that you can handle it and that you can turn it on without getting distracted is a lie.

Writing posts for that sake of writing posts

As you know, Google likes fresh content and will rank a website higher if it has a semi-constant stream of fresh content. This sometimes has people writing content for the sake of writing content. They start to produce any old thing instead of biting the bullet and getting genuinely fresh content. This is a very bad habit to get into.

Writing posts that are nothing to do with the blog theme

This happens when a blogger becomes bored or tired with his or her blog theme and starts to write about the things that interest him or her at that moment. It makes for a disjointed blog and it is a bad habit to get into. If you get into the habit of this then you will soon have a blog that nobody is really interested in. people attend blogs and vlogs for a reason. You need to keep hold of that reason or you give people no reason to visit your website or blog.

Breaking the way they normally style their writing

Writers are supposed to have a style that they stick to. It is a universal rule if you want to build up your own brand. It is why standup comedians do not suddenly shift the way they tell jokes from concert to concert. When a writer gets into the habit of writing in any old style that suits them then it is often the first signal that they are about to lose their audience.


blogger, blogging, habits of bloggers, online,bloggers time wasting habits,bloggers time wasting


Not having a voice

For a writer to produce interesting and readable writing, that writer has to have a voice. If they do not write from that then things get very boring.

Being controversial because they think it will bring fame

This is a really dumb habit that too many bloggers have gotten in to. If you want to be controversial then write for the Family Guy or South Park TV shows. Being controversial on a blog is no different than standing in the street and being controversial out there.

Getting carried away looking at images for the blog

This is a habit that a lot of people get in to, and it wastes a lot of time. It can be addictive looking through image after image in an attempt to find images that suit the blog. A blogger should really set a time limit for image searching if he or she does not want to lose hours looking for images.

Adding quotes where a simple opinion would suffice

This is an annoying habit that some bloggers foolishly believe adds depth to their writing. It does not, and it is a pointless endeavor. The same goes for adding gimmicks to a blog that add nothing to the substance of the blog. Gimmicks such as having your blog spoken aloud or having a cartoon character giving its opinion.