Top 5 Proven Tips to Reduce Your Alexa Rank

If you are a new blogger… this article might interest you. If you want to know how popular your blog is or if you want your blog to enjoy good reputation in the online world, you need to make sure that you keep the Alexa rank of your website/blog under check. All those who are new to the blogging world may have no clue or very little knowledge about Alexa rank. In this article you will get every single knowledge about Alexa Rank nd most importantly you will get to top 5 proven tips that reduce your alexa rank. These tips will definitely increase your Alexa Rank which in turn will be helpful for you if you want to publicize your blog or sell it .



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So What Is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a global ranking system for websites, which was developed by a subsidiary of, Alexa Internet. The Alexa algorithm works basically by tracing information on visitors through web browsers’ toolbar. On installation of the Alexa toolbar, the browsing behavior of a particular website is analyzed and the web traffic data for that website is stored.


How The Alexa Rank Works?

Alexa computes traffic rankings. These traffic rankings are derived from historical traffic data extracted from several users of Alexa Toolbar and from other traffic data resources for a period of three months.



Alexa works by tracing the number of page views and the number of visitors reaching all websites through web browsers on a daily basis. So, the Alexa traffic rank is founded on a value derived from page views and the number of visitors which is averaged over a period of 3 months. The change in Alexa rank is determined on the basis of a comparison of the site’s current rank with its rank three months ago.

Alexa Rank in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of marketing used to increase the traffic quality of websites. It acts as a driving factor for business by increasing visibility for websites in search engines. The main focus of an SEO campaign is to achieve high rankings for websites in search engines for specific keywords or phrases. With higher rankings your website will have more visitors, which in turn will improve your Alexa rankings. Thus, Alexa rank is an indicator of your SEO campaign. It is especially reliable in the initial phase of business when you need to check if your website is viewed by users.


But why should these things bother you?

There has been a dramatic shift in the marketing world with the advent of online advertising in 1994. Simply because one can reach million people in this virtual world, advertisers look out for more and more web marketing opportunities. Alexa has been quite popular among advertisers recently. Advertisers look for websites having good Alexa ranks to post their advertisements.

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The more popular your website/blog is, the more popularity you gain among advertisers. If you want to have sponsored ads on your web/blog page, you need to keep your Alexa ranks stable. Unlike Google page rank, Alexa rank is inversely proportional to the number of users visiting your website/blog. So all webmasters need to ensure they keep lowering their Alexa ranks for having maximum sponsored ads on their page.

5 Proven Tips To Reduce Your Alexa Rank :


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  • Installing Alexa Tool Bar & Claiming Your site On It

Create your Alexa account to install the Alexa toolbar on your web/blog page. One smart suggestion would be turning your website/blog into your home page so that your visit will also get registered by Alexa.

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  • Webmaster Forums

You need to target more and more users who have installed Alexa in their systems, so be active at webmaster sites such as Google forums, golden talk and digitalpoint. The advantage is that most people participating in web forums have Alexa installed which will surely benefit you.

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  • Regular Participation With High Quality

Remember as a blogger if you don’t keep posting regularly, your visitors will slowly crawl away from you. Also maintain the quality of the content posted.


  • Use Social Media

Social networking sites are the best platforms to reach out to people. Use their potential to your benefit. Share all your posts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and see the change in your Alexa rank yourself.


  • Backlinks

Using Backlinks in your posts will enhance your search engine rankings, which will indirectly impact your Alexa rank. But ensure that you create quality backlinks. And don’t forget to let us know how these tips helped you in improving your Alexa ranks.

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The author of this post Yasir Khan is the founder of Quantum SEO Labs and a leading SEO expert in Canada. His SEO consultation services have benefited several website owners and bloggers in internet marketing.

5 Tips to Optimize your Facebook Page for Facebook Graph Search

Every business aims to be found online to increase chances of conversion that could eventually lead to business growth. As of January 2013, Facebook has launched its Facebook Graph Search, offering yet another place where your business can be found. True, the search results are restricted to only Facebook content, but being found there can be just as advantageous for your business as being found on regular web search.

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How you can do wonders with Facebook Graph Search ?

Here are 5 tips to optimize your Facebook page to increase the chances of obtaining a higher ranking on Facebook Graph Search.

1. Choose the Right Category on Your Facebook Page

When you have chosen the Facebook Business Page type for your business, you get the drop down menu for choosing categories. Sometimes, it is confusing to choose the right category for your business. In such cases, choose a category that best describes what you actually do. When people search for a particular kind of business/profession on Facebook Graph Search, the category becomes very important.

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2. Use Keywords ‘Intelligently’ in your Profile

Keywords, the key factors in traditional SEO are important here too. Optimize your ‘about’ description in your Facebook profile with keywords so that your profile is displayed when relevant words are searched. Of course, by ‘intelligently’, I mean use the keywords naturally in the text without any stuffing. Another tip is to tag the pictures and videos in your profile with keywords to further increase chances of being found on search.


facebook graph search,tips to boost facebook graph search,fb graph search,optimize facebook page with facebook graph search,optimize facebook page with graph search

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3.Post High Quality, Relevant and Regular Content

Facebook Graph Search pulls out search results based on the searchers’ connections. This means when your content has more likes and shares and when you have a large network on Facebook, the chances of dominating the search results for more people are higher. This is possible only if you post high quality, relevant content that is truly share worthy. And when you maintain regular presence on Facebook, more people know you, you build relationships, word spreads along and more people come into your network.


4. Include Your Physical Location in the Profile

Facebook Graph Search also considers the physical location of searchers and prioritizes those results physically closest to the searcher. So unless you have updated your right geographical address in your Facebook profile, you are likely to miss out on this advantage.

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5. Experiment and Learn

Facebook Graph is new and evolving. Be an early adopter. You will definitely benefit. And while you are at it, experiment and learn how it works. You may discover even more tips and tricks to optimize your Facebook page for this new kind of search.

And don’t forget to share with us if you do discover something new.

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