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Bradley Cooper will play Lance Armstrong

Bradley Cooper is rumoured to act as Lance Armstrong in an upcoming movie of Warner Bros. Yes !! you heard it right, Bradley Charles Cooper can play Lance Armstrong in the upcoming movie based on popular cyclist Lance Armstrong’s life. In fact, Cooper also expressed his desire before that Armstrong is an appealing character.


Bradley Cooper as Lance Armstrong :

Moreover, according to eonline.com , this upcoming movie will feature famous cyclist Lance Armstrong’s fall from the zenith after confessing that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the respected Tour De France race.


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American actor, Cooper is looking to play one of the two most important roles in the movie  named as Red Blooded American. The main two roles are of Lance Armstrong and the other one is of Tyler Hamilton who was Lance’s former team member and partner in his circle. The interesting thing is that it was Tyler Hamilton who popularly said that he himself saw the athlete doping in the 2011 60 minutes segment.

And the good thing is that Warner Bros project is one of at least three upcoming movies will be based on Lance Armstrong’s public downfall.

Well !! lets see what happens and everyone is eager about the other character and this movie.

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