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Being a member of the media, a broadcaster is usually responsible for passing along pertinent information relating to their chosen subject, which could be anything from news to entertainment. Good stories or topical content will always generate the highest amounts of initial interest, but the baton is then passed over to two parties.

Everything about a Broadcaster :

First, the broadcaster – in the form of a presenter, camera crew and producer – must provide high quality coverage of the event to draw in their audience. The second party is responsible for delivering the broadcast in a crystal clear format. Now, studios will pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to find the best presenting talent on offer. They’ll also commit hundreds of hours to rehearsing an upcoming show, making sure that everything will be executed with precision. The problem is that they’ll play the perfect broadcast in their head, where a clear picture can always be guaranteed.

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Some will overlook the importance of delivering coverage in a clear format as they divert their attention to the programme itself, rather than how it’s delivered to their audience. One group that cannot afford to experience a broken feed is the US military, who wisely place quality first by communicating via VSAT systems.

What is VSAT?

VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, which is a two-way satellite ground station capable of reliably transmitting data, video and voice. Given their responsibility to deliver, the US military choose this particular system to host their communications and rely on the technology to adequately process data during their spent time in a specific location. Sounds a lot like the role of a broadcaster, right? Well it shouldn’t surprise you that VSAT technology is becoming increasingly popular in the world of web broadcasting, where a low quality stream will often force viewers to exit the feed.

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For broadcaster and team

vsat,broadcastingdishes,broadcaster,broadcasting network,broadcasting corporation,broadcast,broadcasting,broadcast india,broadcast standards,broadcast addressOne of the biggest boasts of VSAT is its ubiquitous availability. The requirement for connectivity in remote areas is evident in numerous industries, although web broadcasters are a clear target for VSAT technologies. Satellite transmitting is the only data wide-area network technology that can broadcast images across the world, even in the most remote areas. All that’s needed is a clear view of the sky above and it can beam images to millions of devices, located in all corners of the world.

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An example of a broadcaster-focused supplier is SIS LIVE with their dedicated VSAT offering:

How it works

A fully automated system will give anyone the opportunity to deliver media instantly to their customer base. The audience will know that the connection is running fine on their side, meaning that it’s purely up to the broadcasting team to fulfill the request.

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This is done through an on-demand VSAT system, to be operated by skilled engineers. Both should be provided by the company hired to distribute the data, so the broadcaster in charge of producing the content can dedicate more of their time perfecting the event, rather than getting tangled up in wires.


It might sound incredibly complex and therefore expensive to acquire, but VSAT technology takes the cost-effective route to providing a higher bandwidth. The technology is also flexible, so a requirement can be upscaled or limited with a little bit of notice, while the single platform concept is an enticing offer. The reason being that every query goes through just one service provider, with VSAT being the one-stop shop for all broadcasting needs.

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It’s also easy to install and subsequently fast to deploy, so companies working with a limited time scale can still benefit from high quality broadcasting. Needless to say, if it’s good enough for the military, it should be good enough for the business world.

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