Top 10 Websites to buy Smartphones & Electronics in India

Buying smart phones is something we do very carefully. We do tons of research and until we are convinced that this is the right choice for us, we just can’t buy it. For most of the households, it is a very huge decision when a new mobile phone has to be bought. Sometimes, we don’t even trust the stores which sell phones. How can we trust these online stores then? The answer is simple. These sites have worked hard on earning people’s trust. The first thing that these online stores assure us is that we would get 100% original product and it would be an assured buy. Over the time, we have come to trust these online stores because they have stood up-to our expectations. This is why they are the top 10 websites to buy smart phones.

Top 10 Websites to buy Mobile Phones :


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Flipkart is the best site to buy any kind of electronics. It is a huge platform which sells thousands of products. The site may not be as good in other products but for smart phones it is the place to go to.  The site assures you that whatever product you are buying is an assured buy and that it comes from one of the trusted sellers only. You can see how many people have given what kind of rating and you can decide you purchase according to that. It is a simple website with nothing too complicated and that is why it is on the top. People have always given good reviews about its service and products.  You even get 10% extra discount on any product if you pay through a hdfc bank card. With only the best sellers and all the top brands, this is your site to go to. Many companies even launch their phones on Flipkart which are exclusively available on the site only. There are many brands, including those that are not available in the market.


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We all know about the services of Amazon. It is the shark of the e-commerce field. It may not be on top in the mobile phone category but it’s close to Flipkart. With Amazon, the best part is that you get the benefits of being a prime member. You can get your product delivered on the same day if you want by paying just 50/-. One day delivery or two day delivery is totally free for prime members.  You will get all the big brands and you can also go for Amazon exclusive mobile phones if you are confused regarding your purchase. With all the featured deals and the lightning deals, the shopping is even better.


Ebay has been around for a long time. It was the top site before Amazon and Flipkart took over the market but it is still in top 3. It is a platform where you see consumer to consumer selling and seller to consumer selling. The pros of buying a smart phone from Ebay are that you can put it on watchlist and you can buy it when it has the lowest price. You can even see what other buyers are looking at so you know what’s popular at the moment. You can buy refurbished phones as well on this site. They all are tested properly and then only put up for sale. You will never get a bad product.


Snapdeal is another major online store that sells mobile phones and many other products. It may not be as popular as the top 3 but it still takes up a huge share of the market. People have given good reviews about its service and products. Like it’s in the name of the site, it gives you great deals like 10% discount on HSBC card and 5% cash back on HDFC card. If you buy a smart phone from this site, you can even compare your choices and see which one is better. You can see all the ratings and reviews and check what people have to say about the product. With Snapdeal gold, you get faster delivery without any charge. It is all done to make your experience better.


Shopclues is also one of the e-commerce giants. It has recently gained its popularity because of its great collection and the deals that it offers. It majors in fashion but the mobile phone category is not too bad as well. The service is great and the quality of products is good. It has a tie up with mobikwik due to which you get 15% super cash if you pay with the app. You can even look at what other people are viewing and buying so that you know which is the most bought phone at the moment. It even gives shopclues mobile offers of the day under which you can get up-to 40% discount.


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We usually use paytm more as a mobile wallet and less of a shopping site. Due to this people are missing out on all the deals the site offers on various products. On mobile phones, you can even get cash back up-to 3000/-. Saving that much on a phone is like a lottery. There are flash offers too under which you get extra discounts. You can see all the offers from different sellers and make the right choice. The best part is the trust that the site offers us and the 100% assurance. We all will be compelled to buy phones from here because their service is actually good. They ship you product the same day and deliver it as soon as possible.


This website is like an online portal for all the croma stores. Croma is undeniably a huge retail chain that we all trust. It is like shopping at the store itself but you are actually sitting at your home. You can refine the products according to the specifications you want in your phone, even up-to the kind of sim slot you want. The filters are great and they make it easy to find your ideal phone. Once you order the phone you can choose to pick it up at the store or you can get it delivered. You may not have time to go and shop but you can just pick your phone on your way to your office. You can even exchange an old product and get the price of your new phone reduced.


This is a website exclusively designed to sell mobile phones. When you visit the site, it asks you whether you know what to buy or you don’t. If you are confused, it helps you to choose a phone according to your budget and shows you the best brands under that. You can sell your phones as well. There are so many coupons that you can avail and get discounts. The best part is its 2 hour delivery. With a meagre charge, it delivers the product in exact 2 hours or you can choose to pick up at the store as well.


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Homeshop18 is an on air shopping channel. You can order through the commercials or go to the website and find the product of your choice. It doesn’t show you what people like about the products, it also shows you all the negative reviews. You can make a truly informed decision by looking at the reviews. The site also gives recommendations on mobile phones, telling you what would the best choice for you. You even get discounts in the form of freebies which make your purchase even cheaper.


As the name suggests, it is a website made to sell electronics. Their mobile phone collection is good and the site has mostly all the brands. It gives you vouchers for further discounts. It even shows you details regarding what kind of networks would work on that particular phone and what all in built apps it has. The description is very detailed. The best part is that you can buy mobile protection for around 399/- and get a benefit of upto 5000/- in case of accidental damage. Other plans are also available.

All these websites have made it easier for us to make an informed decision regarding our purchase and buy only those products which are best in quality. Now, we visit these stores more than we visit actual stores. Well, next time you think of buying a smart phone, try out these sites. If you have any website that should be included in the Top ten website to buy smartphones list then share it in the comment section below. Stay connected and Stay Updated.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Release, Prices, Specs and Features

Initially codenamed as the Tesla BlueStar, the new 2017 Tesla Model 3 is a very significant product in the company’s gallery. The luxury sedan is a result of both aggression as well as the instincts of the company. To get into the details, the Model 3 is kind of a make-or-break vehicle for the company and a lot depends on it.

Everything about 2017 Tesla Model 3 :

Tesla Inc. has been taking all the possible steps to make sure that nothing of the hard earned dies away. And may be, this is the exact reason why the Tesla Model 3 has been a subject to instinctive decisions. Implicitly speaking, whether Tesla Inc will be persistent with what it is doing at present or will have to adopt a new system all together will depend entirely on the Model 3.

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So whether the Tesla Model 3 has what it takes to hit the purple patch right from the word go, or will break with the present hardening situation, only time will tell. We do believe that the Model 3 is just the perfect car to take forward the legacy on its shoulders. And once this is achieved, there are many pundits and automobile experts who will be proven wrong.

Tesla Model 3 Design Story :

Many would have doubted the concept on which the Tesla Model 3 has been built. A sharp and edgy design, superfine aerodynamics, powerful presence and yes, a front grille-less bumper is what seemed to be an unrealistic in that little timeline that the company had adopted.

2017 tesla model 3 images,2017 tesla model 3 specs, 2017 tesla model 3 pre orders,tesla model 3 2017 pricing, tesla model 3 waiting list, tesla model 3 interiors, tesla model 3 price in India, tesla model 3 release date in india

Aesthetically, the Tesla Model 3 looks like a smaller version of the Model S. The company has come out successful in blending the sedan-ish front with a coupe-ish rear section. The designing chief of the model, Franz von Holzhausen, had even gone ahead and made a bold statement by saying that design-wise the Model 3 will be equivalent to a BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Mercedes Benz C-Class.

In the front section, there is a blunt upturned snout that brings back the original Tesla Roadster feel. It will also get a new sealed up prow taken up from the Model X. That said, the Model 3 is designed in such a way that it will be borrowing little things from most of its ancestors.

Tesla Model 3 Interiors  :

2017 tesla model 3 images,2017 tesla model 3 specs, 2017 tesla model 3 pre orders,tesla model 3 2017 pricing, tesla model 3 waiting list, tesla model 3 interiors, tesla model 3 price in India, tesla model 3 release date in india

The Tesla Model 3 will arguably be very spacious on the inside among all the cars with similar dimensions. I say arguably because of the presence of a battery under the deck that probably takes up large space. Also, the rear seats may be snug because of the front seats being like thick thrones. The panoramic rear glass curves over the rear passenger’s head and makes it airy and spacious.

Tesla Model 3 Under the Hood : 

Much information about the Tesla Model 3 is not available. However, whatever we know is a sufficient evidence of how much the company might have thought about it before the execution in production. The Model 3 is expected to offer a range of up to 215 miles and would be able to jump from 0 to 60 miles in less than seconds. Now that is one heck of innovation where a zero emission car will be able to sprint as fast as any other.

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Autopilot mode will be a standard feature while a dual motor and AWD (all-wheel drive) version will also be available.The company has even promised that the base rear wheel drive will have great traction on ice with the help of a high torque despite having a full electric engine.

Tesla Model 3 Expected Launch Date :

The Tesla Model 3 is that one car that has many things at stake for the company. It is probably the only car that has been extremely quick on the production phase and shred the traditional way of car production completely.

With a history of missing deadlines for most of its previous models, the company has decided to adopt a new route to the scheme of things where it would produce the Model 3 with finished parts, thereby, skipping most of the steps. In 2016, Tesla Inc. had announced that the production of the Model 3 will begin from the mid of 2017 and the deliveries will commence by the end of that year. Quite aggressive and over-instinctive, right? May be this is the way the company plans to make up for its past and set things right. 

Tesla Model 3 Expected Price : 

And thus, this Tesla Model 3, one of the most affordable ($35,000) luxury electric sedans, is here to redefine the structure of the automotive market both before and after production. And now Tesla,  after becoming the most valuable automobile company in US, there would be no stopping of this Model 3 to be a juggernaut success. 

What do you feel about our cover on 2017 Tesla Model 3. Do comment your views about Model 3. What you like and dislike in the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Share in the comment section below. For more info, stay connected and stay updated. 

Top 5 Effective GMAT Apps (2017) with Preparation Tips

To get recognized as a top business executive one has to nurture the corporate traits and this can be attainable easily with an MBA. Accordingly, to have an edge over the cut throat competition in the corp world, one desire to have an MBA either from Harvard, Stanford, and many other eminent B-schools across the world. To achieve this one has to qualify the traditional form of MBA entrance test: Graduate Management Aptitude Test.

Graduate Management Aptitude Test or GMAT, is like an entry ticket to the leading B-schools located in different realms across the world. Eventually, if you have a sheer desire of pursuing an international MBA to conquer the highest avenues in management hierarchy then you have to qualify GMAT test.

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No wonder, GMAT test is mainly taken by the working professionals. It is very tedious and exhaustive to study after 8-9 hours of hectic working schedule at organization. In case, you’re planning to begin the GMAT journey we’ve summoned five effective tips for GMAT preparation with available GMAT apps. With the advancement of science and technology, the learning GMAT apps are the new dimensions to give an edge to your GMAT cult.

Know About the GMAT Exam Pattern:

Before commencing the GMAT preparation, you should be well aware about the GMAT exam pattern. Here we have created a table to give you a detailed in-sight about GMAT exam pattern. Since, quantitative aptitude consist the mathematical questions so it bestows an opportunity to score more than verbal reasoning. Reading through books it might take a long time to cater the query; on the other hand if you’re studying through GMAT prep app you can directly land to problem solving part as it contains pre-recorded videos. Similarly for verbal reasoning the sentence correction part also become easier as the explanations are also recorded.  According to psychology, the things we see and hear simultaneously retain for a longer period in our memory as compared to the things we only read.

Best gmat app 2017,best gmat apps for success, how to crack gmat exam with gmat apps, top 5 gmat apps for studying, top 5 gmat preparation tips and tricks.

Speed Up Your Test Answering Ability

GMAT is a time game and you have to ace it or else all your efforts will be in vain. To sail through it you have to learn the shortcut attributes and formulae involved in solving the questions. If you’re reading through the understanding the concepts may take time or sometimes you won’t be able to grasp those, in this case GMAT apps are very effective. In a simpler and effective way they make the explanation by using different examples. One of the advantages of GMAT app based learning is that they offer private mentorship to the candidates to solve their individual queries which may not be possible either in classroom based study or simply studying from GMAT Official Guide.

Learn From Authentic Study Materials

For preparing for GMAT test, the selection of authentic study materials is a vital task to do. Often, the books publishing houses publish random books with irrelevant solutions for GMAT prep questions. Meanwhile, GMAT prep app contains the recorded video solutions to the GMAT official Guide. The Official Guide is published and prescribed by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the regulatory body of GMAT test. Hence, they are authentic.


The more you practice for GMAT you’ll be familiar with more different types of questions. As the GMAT app owners are big shots of the GMAT prep providers so they embed a wide array of practice sets. They are vital in acing GMAT prep.

Demands Hard Work in a Smarter Way

As the GMAT test covers the syllabus up to high school level for the subjects like quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning but the questions are very brainstorming and comprehensive. Hence, it requires hard work in a smarter way. As the GMAT prep apps contains the all the sections following the GMAT exam pattern so they solve the questions in that accordance. On the other end, GMAT prep apps are mobile in nature and you can study anywhere and at anytime. It comprises all the tricks and shortcut methods needed for solving a particular question.

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You can take the help of available GMAT apps floating in AppStore or Google Play Store.


Available GMAT Apps

  • Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Quiz
  • GMAT Pill iPhone App
  • GMAT ToolKit for iPhone/iPad

GMAT Apps for iOS Devices

  • Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand
  • GMAT connect for iPad
  • GMAT practice for dummies

GMAT for Android

  • The Official Guide for GMAT review-12th edition
  • IntelliVocab for GMAT
  • GMAT Timer
  • Magoosh GMAT Prep App
  • Byju’s GMAT Prep App

So how did you like Top 5 GMAT Preparation Applications with tips. If you still have any question, feel free to comment in the comment section below. For more updates, stay connected and stay updated.

Hackfest 2017 – IIT Dhanbad (ISM) : Techfest Details

Hackfest is a 36 hour long Hackathon where people from different colleges especially from IIT’s and NIT’s come together to turn their imagination into reality. Participants trade their sleep to innovate revolutionary products – both software and hardware. They also get to pitch their ideas to the most experienced professionals from the industry.

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Participants will have a chance to score an Internship and even get Full-time placement offer. Along with the humongous prize money, goodies and swag will be distributed. Snacks and meals will also be provided.

The most important thing you’ll take back home from our event is experience which you get from interacting with fellow participants and mentors from various tech-giants such as Mozilla, Atkins etc. So bring out the Innovator, Entrepreneur in you and register for Hackfest right now.

Some important details related to the fest are given below : 

Hackfest 2017 Event Details :

hackfest,hackfest 2017,iit dhanbad,iit dhanbad techfest 2017,media partner,buildthefuture,hackfestism


Event Hackfest : A 36 hour long software and hardware Hackathon.
Venue : Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, Jharkhand.
Date : 20th January – 22nd January 2017
Prizes: Prizes worth 1.5 Lakhs plus swag and goodies.

For any queries reach out to officially website of Hackfest  or their social handles :




If you still have any queries regarding the Hackfest 2017 Event, feel free to comment in the comment section below. For more information on the event stay connected and stay updated.

How Reliance Jio brought revolution by offering superior applications to engage users

Reliance JIO Applications is one of the main reasons of reliance making a revolution in telecom sector by offering superior application services to engage users. Reliance Jio is an emerging digital service provider in terms of its efficient broadband facilities. A Reliance Jio SIM is all you need to gain access to Jio’s rich digital ecosystem which includes engaging applications like Jio Play and Jio Join.

Reliance JIO Application Features :

While these are only a few of the many, the following list will be a detailed guide to some of the best Jio apps available on the Play Store.

My Jio

The My Jio application is the gateway to several other applications by Jio. Installing this app will provide you with the option of downloading other apps. It serves one of the most basic yet necessary functions by helping you keep a watch on data consumption, mobile recharges as well as balances. The most important feature is the recharge option as it allows you to avail of different Jio data plans at the click of a button.


Jio 4G Voice

The Jio 4G Voice app will allow you to avail of superior call features with HD voice clarity if your device is not VoLTE-enabled. Calls may be made from either the app dialer or the native dialer. Moreover, the application can be set as the default dialer. Simply put, this application may be used in conjunction with your device’s native dialer; indeed a major transformation in the 4G services in India.

Jio Security

This application provides optimum protection to your device by scanning various applications that have been installed on it. Additionally, it averts risks by sending across  notifications about potentially malicious sites when you browse the Internet. It also has an anti-theft feature and allows you to block certain numbers for added security.

Jio Music

Loaded with a massive library of music, Jio Music allows you to seamlessly stream music across different genres and languages. The quality of music downloads is also very high. Besides, a striking feature in this application is the Weekly Top 20 list that will help upgrade your music playlist frequently.

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Jio Cinema

Movie enthusiasts can now look forward to entertainment anywhere they go. With Jio Cinema, users are treated to around 800 movies. In addition, they can catch up on their favorite television programs.

Jio TV

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Television series are one of the major traffic drivers and Reliance Jio has used the concept to its advantage through the Jio TV app. The application is home to around 300 channels and missing an episode won’t be a problem as it stores television content of a week in its database.

Jio Express News and Jio Mags

The Jio Express News application gives users the flexibility of keeping up with trending news across different languages. Jio Mags offers a similar comfort of reading with a large library of popular magazines.

Jio Money

Jio Money is an application that serves the function of a digital wallet. Various bills and transactions can be made easily through this application.

Jio Chat

The Jio Chat is an instant messenger app which also allows you to make regular calls and video calls seamlessly. This app also contains a sticker store so that you can personalize your conversations.

Jio Cloud

The Jio  Cloud application is one of the most sought-after apps for its easy file-sharing feature and storage facilities.

Reliance Jio is currently working to enhance its user base and these superior applications are definitely helping achieve this goal. Coupled with these attractive apps, Jio’s high-speed Internet plans are set to change the scenario of 4G services in India.

If you still have any trouble with Reliance Jio applications, feel free to comment below in the comment section. Stay Connected and Stay Updated.

A Disruptive Changing Face of the Indian Telecom Sector

The telecom industry in India is growing at an exponential rate. And this disruptive change has taken place due to drastic change in mobile technology and advancements in the telecom sector.  Mobile phone manufacturers and telecom service providers are aligning themselves with this rapid change by flooding the market with new services and products every year.

Earlier, there was a wide gap, particularly in terms of affordability, which prevented a majority of the population from gaining access to data services and mobile handsets. However, new brands are now bridging this gap by offering services that are not only budget-friendly but also fairly superior in terms of their performance and long-term sustainability.

Reasons of Disruptive change :

Growth of the telecom sector

Reports have revealed that India is one of the largest growing telecom markets and ranks second largest in the telecommunications sector. The Indian Government is also backing an initiative called Digital India, further contributing to growth and consequently, benefitting masses across the country. The biggest players in the industry are network service providers and smartphone manufacturers who are meeting the current market trends and developing new products for different customer segments. This is why data services and mobile handsets are available under varying plans and price categories.

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New development in the telecom sector

The telecom sector went into an overdrive with the introduction of Internet services, particularly on smartphones. While data services for mobile handsets werefirst initiated through 2G and 3G networks,rapid technological development has led to the introduction of 4G, which is by far the fastest network technology available. HSPA+ 21/42, WiMAX, andLTE (Long Term Evolution) are the different technologies under 4G, with LTE being the most superior one. It is believed to be several times faster than its 3G counterpart.

Advanced smartphones

The advent of 4G in the country has helped phone manufacturers to develop phones that support this network. This new collection of phones claims to offer the ultimate digital experience when used in conjunction with 4G plans offered by various carrier networks. 4G smartphone offering LTE are heavily marketed as the best with one of their striking features being VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution). This feature instantly enhances the quality of voice calls and adds a high definition (HD) touch to them, which is far better than the 3G or 2G networks.

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For users who are perplexed about making the choice from a variety of 4G smartphones, they can consider the following points to streamline their purchase.

  • Firstly, it is important to make sure the device has the most upgraded Android or iOS version, besides having the VoLTE feature
  • Storage makes a huge difference, which is why the user must check for at least 8GB ROM that is expandable up to 32 GB.
  • Other things to consider include a fast processing system, preferably 1 GHz or more, a long battery life, and superior camera features of 5 MP or more

Today most leading 4G handsets also flaunt exclusive specifications like water-resistance, wireless earplugs, and front camera flash. Prices of these phones vary and users can conveniently get their hands on a 4G phone as per their budget. So, how did you liked our cover on Changing face of telecom sector. Feel free to comment below. Stay Connected and Stay Updated.

5 reasons why you should really use handsfree in your car

Tired of holding your phone all the time while driving ? Have a look at the top 5 reasons why yo should really use handsfree in car and how will it benefit you to a great extent. In the recent few years, technologies developed rapidly. It’s common for us to use WI-FI, mobile phones, 3G everywhere. As they became an essential part of any modern person, we use it all the time. Look around, people are constantly on line. They are talking on their devices, texting, taking and posting photos. What is more, people cannot stop creating a fascinating things. Just look here, because it is the greatest example of the most modern technology. This car is basically all in one: a robot, a mean of transport and, again, a device! Imagine that our parents couldn’t even predict such huge invasion of gadgets. The majority thinks that we are on the edge of  the perfect world with no boundaries. It’s partially true, but we don’t notice the consequences of the technical progress.

reasons to use handsfree while driving, benefits of using handsfree while driving, why should we use handsfree in cars, why using handsfree is important during driving,5 reasons to use bluetooth headset while driving

First of all, people got addicted to their precious little gadgets. Lots of researches have been made on this topic and the usage of mobile phones is perhaps the most popular topic for the assignment writings. People can’t drop their devices even while doing something else important. The first example that crosses everyone’s mind is, surely, using devices while driving. It is claimed to be the biggest problem right now, so as more than 60% of people have the driving licenses. In addition, the media is always focusing our attention on the extremely big amount of road crashes. Though people got used to driving while distracted (calling, texting, chatting), many horrible accidents with the lethal outcomes are happening each year. According to the Business Insider, in 2013 nearly 40% of deaths in the car accidents involved using mobile phones and nearly 2 million wrecks were caused.???????? ?? ??????? ear-piece,???????? ?? ??????? ear-piece,

The numbers are horrible, aren’t they? The question “what do we have to do to prevent crushes from happening?” is pretty obvious here. The safest solution is not driving at all. It guarantees you 100% safety. However, for the most people it is not an option. The other way out, which is promoted by government, is to stop using mobile phones for any reasons. We have to admit, though, that on the one hand there is nothing better than this two precautions, but as we all have the intense lifestyle and probably most of us, workaholics for instance, should always be on line, what shall we do? That’s why, in my opinion, it is time to use more modern piece of technology and change our cell phones to the handsfree devices.

To begin with, “handsfree devices” are gadgets that can be used without the use of hands (for example via voice commands) or, in a wider sense, equipment which needs only limited use of hands, or for which the controls are positioned so that the hands are able to occupy themselves with another task. The most common such device now is using Bluetooth as a wireless technology for communication. Now, you’ve probably understood that you’d seen those little things very often.

5 Reasons why you should use Handsfree while driving :

As you are a little familiar with it, here are 5 reasons that would make you forget about holding your phone and start using handsfree gadgets.

  1. Safety :

As it was told before, the handsfree are the perfect thing for those, who need to be constantly in touch. Even though in most countries using a usual cell phone is forbidden (the UK, for example), these small devices are fully legal, though has a few restrictions. As an example, let’s take the USA. There, all mobile phones are banned in all states, however handsfree are just forbidden for some ages group.

reasons to use handsfree while driving, benefits of using handsfree while driving, why should we use handsfree in cars, why using handsfree is important during driving,5 reasons to use bluetooth headset while driving

The important thing has to be mentioned. Nowadays, it is argued that even handsfree must be banned. There are lots of proms and cons for this, but it is not the problem in devices, it is the problem in people who are using it. Undoubtedly, ordinary mobile phones were uncomfortable comparing to handsfree, but the last ones are the best which is offered today. Personally I believe, that you shouldn’t blame techniques, blame people who are using them incorrectly. As for me, handsfree won’t cause any inconvenience to people, who use them properly.

  1. Clearer Sound

Bluetooth technology has been specially developed to deliver the greatest quality of the sound. It means, that now it is easier for you to hear the person on the other side and you wouldn’t be distracted from driving while trying to guess what person is trying to tell you. Consequently, you can fully focus on driving. How this is happening: usual Bluetooth car kit have an ear-piece,  which means the microphone is closer to your head for simplicity of hearing–and being heard. It allows you to drive normally, without screaming, yelling, shouting and getting more and more aggressive because of the hearing problem. With this, you wouldn’t look like a psycho.

  1. Words Activation

reasons to use handsfree while driving, benefits of using handsfree while driving, why should we use handsfree in cars, why using handsfree is important during driving,5 reasons to use bluetooth headset while driving

Have you ever faced the problem of finding the right contact or the necessary text? Or perhaps clicking on the wrong icon? Or just accidentally putting up the phone while calling someone? Surely you’ve had this, just like everyone else. With the handsfree devices all you need to do is to say what do you exactly want. Basically, you need only to formulate your request and say it. Everything else is done for you. It decreases the percentage of mistakes, therefore, you wouldn’t have to redo your action or pissing off because of the failure. This little handsfree brings you both: healthy nervous system and calm during driving.

These are the main reasons, now let’s move on to some less important, but still valuable.

  1. The comfort

reasons to use handsfree while driving, benefits of using handsfree while driving, why should we use handsfree in cars, why using handsfree is important during driving,5 reasons to use bluetooth headset while driving

It has been telling unstoppably that you don’t have to use your hands anymore, but let’s focus on this more precisely. You know how it is difficult to talk when you are busy and need both hands to work. This issue is already solved. You only use you hand with the handsfree once – while outing it on the ear. Then, you are free to do anything you want and be sure that you won’t miss a call or wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk when you want to. Any discomfort for you is excluded.

  1. Price

If you are thinking about buying it (and you definitely are) then it is the right time to think about the price. It is comparatively low, but have to be ready to pay for your comfort is you care about it. Although everything depends on a characteristic you want it to have and your country or region.

There were the basic reasons why I and other people prefer handsfree to the usual mobile phones. From my point of view, it is definitely better and useful for drivers and people, who just want to feel freely. The variety of handsfree now is huge and you can find something that will suit exactly you perfectly. So, how did you liked our cover on top reasons why we should use handsfree while driving. Feel free to comment in the comment section below. Stay Connected and Stay Updated.

Wireless headphones: thoughts of youth about new tech

Whenever Apple launches something, soon it becomes a trend in the smartphone arena. But this time with launch of Iphone 7’s new wireless headphones, Apple has gone too far. To some its cool & classy whereas as to most its a deal breaker. Whatever result comes out, below are some honest reviews about the new Wireless headphone technology and what people feel about it.

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It is hard to meet a young person who is walking along the street without earflaps in their ears. It is not strange because music helps us to relax, forget about problems and improve even the worst mood. Really! Music gives us an opportunity to live through some pleasant moments again by means of particular songs. Almost every young person has headphones in his pocket.

What do people think of wireless headphones Tech ?

Now many customers have new wireless headphones technology, and it is interesting to learn the people’s reviews.

  • People consider that they have the best wireless earbuds because they have no problems with them. “I always place an earbud into my ear when I write my essay, and it is very convenient to have wireless headphones because wires do not disturb me.”

  • That is a great plus as many people say that they choose these earpieces because the wires of ordinary earpieces are always tied in a knot in their pockets. Terrible! It is very uncomfortable because when you desire to take them out of the pocket and listen to your favorite songs you need to spend much time unraveling all the complicated knots. After this process, a desire to listen to the songs and relax disappears.
  • Some people say that it is very convenient to have Bluetooth earbuds because you can use them without problems – just place earflaps into your ears and enjoy the pleasant music.  Customers like that wires do not hang over their clothes.
  • But the most significant plus of these Bluetooth headphones is that they are not afraid of rain. It is very good because youth cannot use their earpieces during the rain as the wires can be spoilt with the water. Young individuals are very pleased with this new invention because they can use earpieces in any weather and the rain cannot prevent them from enjoying the music anymore.

The reviews show that this is a great invention! Perhaps people want some change or perhaps its too early to say anything. Whatever it is ! we will keep you updating. So, how did you liked our catch on new wireless headphone technology in the Iphone 7. Feel free to comment below. Stay connected and stay updated.

The Steps for Installing POKEMON GO App in Android and iOS

If you are living in India then you must surely want to install Pokemon GO in your Android or Iphone, but don’t know how its done ? You have arrived at the right place. For Indian users here is the simplest guide of how to download the POKEMON Go Application in android and IOS without any hassle.


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POKEMON GO:   This POKEMON GO app being launched in UK for all the users of Android and IOS. And they were sure that this app is going to be a successful game in this era. This was the news came at first in market and now surprisingly they became a huge success.  This app was launched in many more countries and all started to run outside the streets to play POKEMON go. Now let us see some interesting things in POKEMON go game, First thing that made everyone to love is that you never have to sit in your place take a box of chips and start playing. To play this game one has to install the POKEMON app in his android or IOS device, and then you have to run out the street to find POKEMON. This can be even make you to run all around the city. We have seen many games which are been played only by PC PS4 and they never take you out. POKEMON go games will help you to explore the town or city.

List of countries who play POKEMON go:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Greece, USA and many more. Let us see how to install this game in android and IOS phone for the Indian users. Get Amazon offers and save money while getting them.

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Installing POKEMON Go on Android phones:

  • For the android users you have to just go to Play store and
  • Type as POKEMON go and now download the APK file.
  • And for the android users who can’t download from the play store just go to APK mirror. This will be available when you go for search engine and
  • Type POKEMON go APK. And be aware that you download it from a correct site which will prevent you from any virus or unwanted files enter into your phones.

Installing POKEMON GO in IOS phones:

  • All the ios users you simply go to the Apple store
  • And type POKEMON go and directly you can download this game in your phone.
  • And if you cannot find this app in your apple store then you should turn off your phone and download IOs POKEMON go mirror file from the internet
  • now you have to disable all the services so that it will prevent you from installing unwanted apps or files.

Both Android and IOS users:

Both of android and IOS user have to sign into their Google account so that they can start playing the game and important note is that you may find some issues while opening your Google account, so in order to avoid this type of problem, you should register for a new Gmail account at the time when you want to get singed in to the POKEMON go account. Enjoy by playing this great POKEMON go game and make your body and mind fresh and fit. Please don’t sit in your place and get addictive to the games which will make you more lazy.

So, did you able to get your hands on with Pokemon GO or not. If not comment below in the comment section for further assistance. If you were able to install Pokemon GO in your Android or IOS devices in India then comment your  experience about the game below.

Top 4 Apps to help you crack BITSAT Exam

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test or BITSAT as it popularly known is one of the hardest entrance exams held in the country. Having said that, with right preparation and focus you can crack it easily enough! What make BITSAT tougher than other exams is the huge curriculum and negative marking system (which means you’ll lose a mark every time you gave a wrong answer). This means that you’ll have to learn fast and you’ll have to remember better!

Top Apps to crack BITSAT Exam :

So, how do you accomplish this? The answer is simple, by smart learning. Here your smart phone can be more than a little help. How? Well, to crack BITSAT you’ll have to become a master time manager. This means there is no time waste at all. So, here are some apps that’ll let you study on the go and prepare you for your BITSAT exam 2016 even when you are away from your study table.

  1. BITSAT Practice: As the name suggests, this app is dedicated for BITSAT preparation. This awesome app let you practice mock tests on all the subjects in the curriculum. You can take a time bound test, and check the score afterwards to track your progress. And you can do this from anywhere and everywhere. The app not only give you questions to solve, but also gives all the required information such as BITSAT 2016 exam date, complete syllabus, previous years question papers etc. The app works equally good offline too, so you don’t have to worry about huge data charges. You can download the app for free from Google Store and use all these awesome features to enhance your preparations.

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  1. Logical Reasoning Test: Logical reasoning is a part of BITSAT curriculum. Now this is one tricky subject that can only be mastered with relentless practice. Another problem is while all other subjects are already there in your 12th curriculum, Logical Reasoning is not. Thus, you’ll have to give separate attention to it. What better way to work on it while commuting to your classes or waiting on a queue? This way you can practice reasoning wherever you go and not waste your valuable study hours. This app gives you over 3000 reasoning problems to solve and lets you bookmark the questions you feel going back to. So, download the app today and let your brain muscles flex a bit.
  1. English Grammar Test: English proficiency is another subject of BITSAT which needs a lot of practicing. With this app you can practice various grammatical problems on the go. The app has total 1200 English exercises along with 60 tests. The questions are designed to test every aspect of your knowledge in English grammar. More over there are progressive levels to choose from. Once you clear one level of question successfully you’ll be promoted to the next level. So, you can learn at your own speed. Besides, it’s so much fun to learn through an app, than from a big fat grammar volume!

Recommended : Top 10 apps for Students and Engineers

  1. Pocket Physics: Like many other students if theories of Physics give you any trouble, then this is one handy app that you’ll like to have. The app is covers almost all physics formulas from school level to high education. So, whenever in doubt you can check with app. Also the app is a great way to revise of important formulas and equations in Physics. You can bookmark the chapters most important to you can go straight that when in hurry. Another great thing is you’ll be able to use the app continuously even after you crack BITSAT. You can download the app for free from Google Play Store.

Well, these 4 are the most helpful apps which will help you crack BITSAT. However, remember of bookmark the BITSAT 2016 exam date and prepare your study schedule accordingly. Also stick to your study schedule. Time management is of essence here. Try and use every minute of spear time that you may have. But make sure not to neglect sleep. Without enough rest your brain cannot function at its best and thus no amount of preparation will help. Maintain at least 7 hours of sleep every day. With a hard work and persistence you’ll surely crack BITSAT.

So how did you like this article of Top 4 apps to crack BITSAT Exam. If you have any more questions regarding the BITSAT exam feel free to comment below. Stay  Best of luck!