How to remotely Sync Files with EaseUS EverySync 2.0 File Sync

How to remotely access your files | How to sync your office files with files in home | How to securely share, backup your files remotely. If these are the questions in your mind than EaseUS EverySync 2.0 File Sync will surely help you in everey aspect. In fact EaseUS Every Sync 2.0 is one the best File Synchronization methods out there.

Nowadays most of us have files at home as well as at office, but the problem with that is when we update something in the folders that is there in the office, it remains there. When we are back home and we need certain information or data from that folder, then we see that it has not been updated there, so at the end of the day we are not able to complete the task successfully. But, now EaseUS has come up with file sync software, which helps the users to synchronize the files and folders comfortably without any hitches. It is a completely secured solution and you don’t have to worry about backup, sharing and syncing at any point of time. It supports almost all the Windows version and is compatible with server 2003/ 2008 and 2012.

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It is a simple application which will help you to sync your files from the PC that you have at home or the FTP location. It comes up with three types of file syncing options –

  • Syncing of files between FTP server and computer
  • Syncing between the removable device and computer or the network share is also possible
  • Then you can also sync files between your PC and the cloud storage

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You can either opt for the one way sync or if you can handle, then you can go for the bidirectional sync as well. If you have been looking for something which will help you update all the changes in real time throughout all your files and folders, then you are at the right place, EaseUS will do just that and much more. Syncing files between cloud storage will provide you with the flexibility of accessing the data from anywhere in the world and also at any point of time. With the help of this you can also backup your files too without any problem.

Other products of EaseUS

EaseUS is not only known for file sync, but it is also known for the data recovery software. It is one of the best and most popular one available. There is also Partition Master and Todo Backup to help the users get on with their work. EaseUS is one such name which has been working hard to satiate the customer’s need. They have a software which is for the data recovery and that is strong enough to perform across all platforms.

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At some point of time we all face some kinds of disaster in our system, but if you by any chance have different kinds of EaseUS software, then you will not have any kind of issues in solving it. So, the next time you lose your data from your computer or laptop or Server, Hard disk or digital device, you know exactly where to go. Just keep the EaseUS software handy and you will have all your lost data right where it belonged.

EaseUS EverySync 2.0 File Sync has various help to offer and that too at an affordable range. For more updates on Technology stay connected to TechyYouth. Stay Connected and Stay Updated.


DOODLE 4 Google 2014 Contest launched by Google

Finally DOODLE 4 Google 2014 Contest is initiated again by Google for exploring the talents of DOODLE makers and Lovers  and also Students in US as it is powered by Google US. This DOODLE Competition for US Students powered by Google is really an innovative idea that will help them to explore their DOODLE Logo making Talent and moreover winner of DOODLE 4 Google Contest will also get a huge Prize money from Google to increase more competition and to ensure the Best Talent will make the best Google Doodle. So lets get charged up to take part in DOODLE 4 Google 2014 contest , to face some stiff competition, to earn huge prize money and not to mention to get yourself more popular as your GOOGLE DOODLE will be uploaded by Google and whole world will appreciate your hard work.

What is DOODLE 4 Google 2014 Contest ?

Each time when someone visits Google they see a boring Google logo. But now as you might have noticed Google often do Fun things with its Logo to increase more curiosity and in fact it looks more pleasant to your mind. So this logo is not only developed by Google Developers only but also by DOODLE makers and Lovers of Google.

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So, DOODLE 4 Google 2014 Contest is a competition powered by Google in which you can get a chance to design a Google DOODLE logo and if it is liked by Google then you will be moved further in the competition and who knows you might come as the Prize winner of DOODLE 4 Google 2014 contest get a huge prize money. And the most important and noticeable thing is that if you win this DOODLE 4 Google contest you will become popular because Google will upload that DOODLE with your name also.

DOODLE 4 Google Theme for 2014 :

The Theme of 2014 DOODLE 4 Google Contest is ‘ If I could Invent One Thing to make this World A Better Place … ‘ 

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This theme of Google has been displayed by Google on its wall post and anyone can have a glance at it. All you have to do is make a Doodle related to this theme and then send it to them. This Doodle contest 2014 will be judged by team of faculty members. Moreover online voting is also included for Top Doodles for public. Important details related to this Doodle Contest 2014 are written below.

DOODLE Contest 2014 Submission Date :

In order to apply to DOODLE 4 Google Contest you must follow the below steps :

  • Click on the homepage of DOODLE contest
  • And click on Get Started and Download Entry Form
  • Now take out the Printout of DOODLE Entry Form
  • This DOODLE 4 Google Application Form can be submitted by anyone including Parents, Students , and even the Teachers who are conducting this competition.

DOODLE 4 Google Contest date of Submission :


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This respective Doodle 4 Google Contest 2014 will commence or start from February 4, 2014 while the last Date of Submission of DOODLE GOOGLE CONTEST is March 20, 2014. After this, Team of Judges are appointed and will start selecting the Top contenders of each state in US. After that these DOODLES will be showcased on Internet for further Online Voting For Public.

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Doodle For Google Contest Prize Award :

DOODLE 4 Google 2014 contest,DOODLE 4 google contest 2014,doodle contest 2014 google,doodle for google contest 2014,google for doodle contest 2014 application forms,doodle for google winners,doodle 4 google 2013 winners,doodle 4 google prize award,doodle 5 google india details

Firstly and more importantly the winner will see his/her artwork DOODLE design on the homepage of Google. Moreover, the Winning Art Creator will get $30,000 in Cash for higher studies or college Scholarship and $50,000 Google for Technology Education Grant for their school.

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So, its the time you can make it. DOODLE 2014 Contest can change your life. Moreover, it will also make you popular by displaying your DOODLE design on their homepage. The Winner for DOODLE 4 Google Contest 2014 will be present to the world on award ceremony held in New York City on May 22 2014. And it will be displayed on Google homepage on the same day. Moreover, it will also be showcased for temporary appearance in American Museum of National History.

So, who does’nt want this kind of reward. You are the Best , You are the Champion and You can do it. This Doodle 4 Google 2014 contest can really change your life if you work with full dedication. So best of Luck to everyone. If anyone needs any further assistance feel free to comment below. And do not forget to Thank Google for this awesome DOODLE 4 Google 2014 Contest.

9 Time-wasting habits Bloggers do Online that need to stop

If you work on a computer at work, or have been a student at one time then you are going to know how easy it is to waste time when sat at a computer. Even a wall becomes interesting as you stare up at it lifelessly wasting time. Bloggers take it upon themselves to write weekly blogs and work for free, which means they are highly prone to time wasting. There are also quite a few time-wasting ventures that bloggers can take up that are quite intentional (albeit misguided). Here are a few of the habits they tend to pick up. Here are the Top 9 Time wasting habits bloggers perform unintentionally and intentionally and should be regularly checked.

9 Time-wasting Habits Bloggers do :


blogger, blogging, habits of bloggers, online,bloggers time wasting habits,bloggers time wasting


Rewriting or spinning the content of other people

It may seem like a good idea, and you may even justify it as research but it is not. Rewriting the content of others will dilute its knowledge and its value and will give nothing to your readers. It is a bad idea and may even get you in trouble with plagiarism issues. The problem is that many bloggers get a bit of writers block and start to think that even rewritten content is better than no content. If you are going to waste your time with rewriting then take pieces from multiple sources and make your content more concentrated instead of diluted.

Checking Facebook and other social media networks

Facebook is the ultimate time vampire and is able to suck hundreds of productive hours from you every year. It is a very good idea to keep your Facebook and other social media turned off whilst you are writing your blog. Saying to yourself that you can handle it and that you can turn it on without getting distracted is a lie.

Writing posts for that sake of writing posts

As you know, Google likes fresh content and will rank a website higher if it has a semi-constant stream of fresh content. This sometimes has people writing content for the sake of writing content. They start to produce any old thing instead of biting the bullet and getting genuinely fresh content. This is a very bad habit to get into.

Writing posts that are nothing to do with the blog theme

This happens when a blogger becomes bored or tired with his or her blog theme and starts to write about the things that interest him or her at that moment. It makes for a disjointed blog and it is a bad habit to get into. If you get into the habit of this then you will soon have a blog that nobody is really interested in. people attend blogs and vlogs for a reason. You need to keep hold of that reason or you give people no reason to visit your website or blog.

Breaking the way they normally style their writing

Writers are supposed to have a style that they stick to. It is a universal rule if you want to build up your own brand. It is why standup comedians do not suddenly shift the way they tell jokes from concert to concert. When a writer gets into the habit of writing in any old style that suits them then it is often the first signal that they are about to lose their audience.


blogger, blogging, habits of bloggers, online,bloggers time wasting habits,bloggers time wasting


Not having a voice

For a writer to produce interesting and readable writing, that writer has to have a voice. If they do not write from that then things get very boring.

Being controversial because they think it will bring fame

This is a really dumb habit that too many bloggers have gotten in to. If you want to be controversial then write for the Family Guy or South Park TV shows. Being controversial on a blog is no different than standing in the street and being controversial out there.

Getting carried away looking at images for the blog

This is a habit that a lot of people get in to, and it wastes a lot of time. It can be addictive looking through image after image in an attempt to find images that suit the blog. A blogger should really set a time limit for image searching if he or she does not want to lose hours looking for images.

Adding quotes where a simple opinion would suffice

This is an annoying habit that some bloggers foolishly believe adds depth to their writing. It does not, and it is a pointless endeavor. The same goes for adding gimmicks to a blog that add nothing to the substance of the blog. Gimmicks such as having your blog spoken aloud or having a cartoon character giving its opinion.

Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives at present

Why do we look best Google Adsense alternatives when we know we have Google Adsense ?? Well , the answer to your question is very easy. It is because Adsense Approval has become very tough nowadays and moreover if you get Adsense there might be chances of getting your account disabled and for that reasons we should always have backup.

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Therefore, we should have knowledge of at least top 5 best google adsense alternatives. Have a look at these Google Adsense alternatives so that if anything happens we can use our backup and moreover it will also boost our earnings .


Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives :


5. ClickSor

To get approval from ClickSor is not so difficult. ClickSor also pays you a good price if you use all type of Ads but the main thing is user experience. By using different types of Clicksor Ads, the user experience can go down. But you can still Signup for Clicksor from here  and its a very good Adsense alternative.


4. Infolinks

Infolinks is also a very good adsense alternative. These are Text based ads and the keyword in the post will be highlighted when the code is pasted. There payout is $50 and the best thing is that they have Paypal facility. Moreover, the good thing is that Infolinks ads can customized according to the colour of the website and you can get really very good earnings if you know the perfect colour combinations. You can signup for Infolinks Ads from here.


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3. Chitika

Chitika is another very good alternative to Google Adsense. Basically, Chitika pays you on click basis and you will get paid everytime the visitors clicks on the Ads.The minimum payout of Chitika is $10 only which is much less than the other two and the best thing is that Chitika also supports Paypal. Thats why it deserves the third spot in the list of  Top 5 best Google Adsense Alternatives. You can Signup for Chitika Ads from here.


2. BuySell Ads

BuySell Ads are the one which are even more premium than Google Adsense. BuySell Ads provide very good earnings even more than our favourite Google Adsense. It has in fact become as one of the Best Adsense Alternatives. They follow a different method though. In Buysell Ads , Ad networks are directly connected to you and your Ads spaces are sold on time basis like for months or even years. And another thing for why its not on the first place is Approval Rate. To get Approval from Buysell is really very very Tough. Its even tougher than Google Adsense. Still you can Signup for BuySell Ads from here.

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1. Or Yahoo/Bing Ad Network or Yahoo/Bing Ad Network is undoubtedly the best Google Adsense Alternative. It has many positive factors that make it to the first spot. Firstly, approve website very easily. Moreover, they also provide you online support. It means whatever unusual activity you are facing with yahoo ads you can freely mail them your problems. Another very good thing here is that though you have a minimum payout of $100 like Google , still you need not get to wait for your cheque as it supports paypal. In nutshell, these things make as the best alternative to Google Adsense. You can Signup to Media,net ads from here.

If anyone has any question or doubt in his/her mind feel free to ask in the comment section.

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Top 5 Proven Tips to Reduce Your Alexa Rank

If you are a new blogger… this article might interest you. If you want to know how popular your blog is or if you want your blog to enjoy good reputation in the online world, you need to make sure that you keep the Alexa rank of your website/blog under check. All those who are new to the blogging world may have no clue or very little knowledge about Alexa rank. In this article you will get every single knowledge about Alexa Rank nd most importantly you will get to top 5 proven tips that reduce your alexa rank. These tips will definitely increase your Alexa Rank which in turn will be helpful for you if you want to publicize your blog or sell it .



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So What Is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a global ranking system for websites, which was developed by a subsidiary of, Alexa Internet. The Alexa algorithm works basically by tracing information on visitors through web browsers’ toolbar. On installation of the Alexa toolbar, the browsing behavior of a particular website is analyzed and the web traffic data for that website is stored.


How The Alexa Rank Works?

Alexa computes traffic rankings. These traffic rankings are derived from historical traffic data extracted from several users of Alexa Toolbar and from other traffic data resources for a period of three months.



Alexa works by tracing the number of page views and the number of visitors reaching all websites through web browsers on a daily basis. So, the Alexa traffic rank is founded on a value derived from page views and the number of visitors which is averaged over a period of 3 months. The change in Alexa rank is determined on the basis of a comparison of the site’s current rank with its rank three months ago.

Alexa Rank in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of marketing used to increase the traffic quality of websites. It acts as a driving factor for business by increasing visibility for websites in search engines. The main focus of an SEO campaign is to achieve high rankings for websites in search engines for specific keywords or phrases. With higher rankings your website will have more visitors, which in turn will improve your Alexa rankings. Thus, Alexa rank is an indicator of your SEO campaign. It is especially reliable in the initial phase of business when you need to check if your website is viewed by users.


But why should these things bother you?

There has been a dramatic shift in the marketing world with the advent of online advertising in 1994. Simply because one can reach million people in this virtual world, advertisers look out for more and more web marketing opportunities. Alexa has been quite popular among advertisers recently. Advertisers look for websites having good Alexa ranks to post their advertisements.

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The more popular your website/blog is, the more popularity you gain among advertisers. If you want to have sponsored ads on your web/blog page, you need to keep your Alexa ranks stable. Unlike Google page rank, Alexa rank is inversely proportional to the number of users visiting your website/blog. So all webmasters need to ensure they keep lowering their Alexa ranks for having maximum sponsored ads on their page.

5 Proven Tips To Reduce Your Alexa Rank :


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  • Installing Alexa Tool Bar & Claiming Your site On It

Create your Alexa account to install the Alexa toolbar on your web/blog page. One smart suggestion would be turning your website/blog into your home page so that your visit will also get registered by Alexa.

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  • Webmaster Forums

You need to target more and more users who have installed Alexa in their systems, so be active at webmaster sites such as Google forums, golden talk and digitalpoint. The advantage is that most people participating in web forums have Alexa installed which will surely benefit you.

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  • Regular Participation With High Quality

Remember as a blogger if you don’t keep posting regularly, your visitors will slowly crawl away from you. Also maintain the quality of the content posted.


  • Use Social Media

Social networking sites are the best platforms to reach out to people. Use their potential to your benefit. Share all your posts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and see the change in your Alexa rank yourself.


  • Backlinks

Using Backlinks in your posts will enhance your search engine rankings, which will indirectly impact your Alexa rank. But ensure that you create quality backlinks. And don’t forget to let us know how these tips helped you in improving your Alexa ranks.

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The author of this post Yasir Khan is the founder of Quantum SEO Labs and a leading SEO expert in Canada. His SEO consultation services have benefited several website owners and bloggers in internet marketing.

Top 5 tips to track Backlinks to your site : Backlinks Checker

Backlinks are one of the most important factors for the reputation and success of a blog or a website. According to Google’s point of view , good quality of backlinks increase the reputation of your website. Therefore , backlinks play a very important role to increase the rating and decrease the rank of website. Want to know how to track baclinks.


track backlinks,track backlinks of website,track backlinks of wordpress,top 5 tips to check backlinks,track incoming links of website,best backlink checker tool,top 5 tips to track incoming links


What are Backlinks ???

Backlinks are basically incoming links or inbound links that are coming to your website or webpage. Technically , Backlink is any link which is received by a web node to another web node. And basically, these are the links of your website on any other website or webpage. Therefore, that link will increase traffic on your websites.


track backlinks,track backlinks of website,track backlinks of wordpress,top 5 tips to check backlinks,track incoming links of website,best backlink checker tool,top 5 tips to track incoming links



Track Backlinks :

Here are the top 5 tips to track incoming links to your website. These top 5 tips will help to know all the incoming links or all the backlinks to your website. And now you can definitely know how many websites are linking to your blog . Check out the best tips to track backlinks to your website.

1. Google : Google never gives you the real report of your Backlinks as it reports only 1%-5% of your website backlinks. But it tells you Backlinks of that website which even other Backlinks Checkers not show.

To check Backlinks of your website on Google you simply need to type  [link:] in google search. Replace Techyyouth with your website name and see your backlinks.

2. Yahoo : Well Yahoo backlink checker is really a very good tool and recommended option that shows almost all Backlinks. In fact, Yahoo backlink checker shows more than 95% of Backlinks of your website. Moreover , Yahoo backlink checker shows you almost all real time backlinks.

To check backlinks on Yahoo , Just type [] in the Yahoo search box.

3. Website GraderWebsite Grader is really a very rich tool to check backlinks of your website. Moreover, website grader also give you a detailed information about your website. This detailed information covers every nook and corner of your website. Moreover, this tool rates your website from scale of 1 to 100. And you can check your website’s information by simply entering your website name on Website Grader.


track backlinks,track backlinks of website,track backlinks of wordpress,top 5 tips to check backlinks,track incoming links of website,best backlink checker tool,top 5 tips to track incoming links


4. Google Webmaster Tools : Google Webmaster Tools also shows some of incoming links to your website. Firstly, you have to register in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. After that , you have to link analytics with webmaster. In Google Webmaster Tools. Now select ‘Links to your site’ and click on your website . It will display 40% – 50% of backlinks which Yahoo showed.

5. Technorati : Technorati is also very nice tool that shows all the incoming links of website. But first it is recommended to claim you website on Technorati . And after that you can check all your website’s  backlinks on technorati.

If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment . And must not forget to check these top five tips to track Backlinks of your website. 


Top 5 tips to improve your site speed for SEO !!!

If you have a fast site or site which is faster than average site that means you can have good search engine optimisations and a healthy traffic for your website.Therefore ,it is very important that you should have good site speed of your website or blog.

Site speed basically means in how much time all the elements of your website opens and how fast all the links , images or any element in your website opens when someone clicks on it. Google had added Site speed thing in its top 200 factors that helps Google to give Advertisements to any website or blog.


top 5 tips to improve your site speed for seo,how to increase your website's speed,increase your website speed,tips to increase your website speed


Importance of Site Speed :

  • Site speed basically means in how much time all the elements of your website opens and how fast all the links , images or any element in your website opens when someone clicks on it.
  • Google had added Site speed thing in its top 200 factors that helps Google to give Ads to any website or blog.
  • 40% of people in the world close the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load than expect less visitors.
  • 47% of users in the world expect he website to load in 2 seconds or less and therefore if your post is optimised but your site loads in more than 3 seconds than be sure that your most of the visitors will be bounced visitors and will not come again due to low site speed.
  • A 100 millisecond delay on your favourite results in drop of 1% in revenue.
What’s considered a Fast Website ?
Any website is considered a fast website when it has a load time of 2 seconds or less and that website is sure to get large number of traffic. And if your website’s load time is between 2 to 5 seconds then it can be considered a good website abut its as you know not fast enough and thus will attract reasonable number of visitors. But if your website loads in more than 5 seconds than it is surely a slow website with slow load time and as a result less number of traffic.

Here are the top 5 tips that will definitely improve your website speed for SEO. These tips will also improve your site speed and website rankings and will also increase traffic in your website.

1. First of all you should know the loading speed of your website or check how fast your site loads. It can be checked through the following links…

  • Pingdom’s Site Speed Checker is the best website load time checker tool and really very convenient.
  • You can also check your website speed in Google Webmaster Tools. In your webmaster , click on Labs and after that click on Site Performance.

2. Secondly you must now about Website Compression.  Compressing your website with help of Gzip compression will decrease the time that your server takse to send the website’ data to your visitors.

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3. Optimsation of your images is definitely an important part to reduce your website speed. You must avoid bigger images andmust decrease the size of your images and must insert only that image in the post which is really required. Tip For you : You must use only png or jpeg format images in your website.

4. Remove unnecessary content from your website. You must use only that plugins  which are really required and delete rest of them. Moreover , you should remove all unneccesaary codes fro your website. This will also boost your website speed.

5. Get Specific suggestions from Google Webmaster site performance tool.  If you browse using Firefox then you must have the Firebug  add-on and Google ‘s Page speed extension. This will give you a detailed report of your website’s speed and also gives you recommendations of how to speed up your website for SEO.

Therefore , if you follow these tips seriously it will surely increase your website ‘s performance as well as your traffic

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Top 5 Google Adsense Earners in India at Present

Google Adsense is the best and most recommended monetization system all over the world and here is a time to check the Top 5 Google Adsense Earners of India. And as it is said that Earning from a Blog is often very difficult as it is a fact that Only 9% of Bloggers manage to earn a single penny.

Therefore, now we are covering the Top 5 Adsense Earners of India. These Adsense Earners are also the best bloggers of India and every newbie Blogger should take inspiration and motivation from these Blogs and of course their Adsense Earnings. Now, have a look at these Top 5 Google Adsense Earners in India.

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increase-google-adsense-earnings,Top 5 google adsense earners,top 5 adsense earners in india,google adsense earners,best google adsense earners of india,google adsense earners in india

Top 5 Google Adsense Earners Of India :


5. Raju PP /

Raju PP is an Electronic Engineer and launched his site in 2008. Moreover, RajuPP was also featured among the 151 Top Tech Indians which was conducted by Exhibit Magazine in 2011.

Website :

Pagerank : 4

Alexa Rank : 19648

Founder : Raju PP

Average Earnings : $8,500/Month

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4. Prabhu Desai / 

Prabhu Desai founded business website portal. This popular website is a famous Business blog that features every Economic news such as Internet Business, Forex Exchange, Business Trends etc.

Website :

Pagerank : 5

Alexa Rank : 16645

Founder : Prabhu Desai

Average Earnings : $9,000/Month


 3. Jaspal Singh /

Jaspal Singh is a Mechanical Engineer with some really good skills of Designing and Coding . Moreover, his vast interest in Technology, Internet and Computers made him professional Blogger of all time. And today he is a proud owner of

Website : Savedelete

Pagerank : 4

Alexa Rank : 18546

Founder : Jaspal Singh

Average Earnings : $10,000/Month

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2. Harsh Agrawal /

Harsh Agrawal is a professional Blogger by India and Engineer by education. He founded Shoutmealoud in 2008. Harsh Agrawal blog about WordPress, SEO and Blogging. He is a very popular blogger from India and has huge fan following.

Website :

Pagerank : 4

Alexa Rank : 3873

Founder : Harsh Agrawal

Average Earnings : $17,000/Month

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1. Amit Aggarwal /

Well !! everyone knows about him. Although, Amit Aggarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computers Science Stream from IIT , Still Amit Aggarwal decided to quit his job in 2004 and decided to become a Professional Blogger in India. His blog is a symbol of excellence. Basically, Amit Aggarwal writes about  Computer Software,Consumer Gadgets,Web Applications etc.

Website :

Pagerank : 6

Alexa Rank : 2935

Founder : Amit Aggarwal

Average Earnings : $45,000/Month


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Top 10 Social Networking Sites in the world today !!!

Here are the top 10 social networking sites in the world today . Have a check in which you have your account made.



Tagged is one of the easiest way to interact with people through games, interests,friend suggestions,browsing profiles and much more.

Alexa Rank – 297    


Orkut which is  now owned by Google . This site is online since 2002 and appeals more to Asians.

Alexa Rank – 268


Modern social networking site.

Alexa Rank – 157

myspace logo, myspace, my space,


StumbleUpon is now more than ten years old and still holds its position.This site is now very modern and effective for social networking.

stumbleupon logo,stumbleupon,stumble upon,stumble upon logo

Alexa Rank – 148


6. Google Plus

The most modern and functional social networking site.It offers many more helpful and trendy features such as Hangouts, Circles  and many more.



This is the social site for the Art lovers and is very well built.

deviantart logo, deviantart , deviant art


Alexa Rank – 137




Live journal is a very rich source that links the journalism and social networking.Live Journal has more than 25 million users which celebrate their creative expressions.



Alexa Rank – 108




LinkedIn is at the third position. It gives us many good networking tools that helps us to find find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners.It also allows registered users to maintain a list of entrepreneurs whom he interests.

Alexa Rank – 12

linkedin logo, linkedin, linked in





Our favourite social networking and microblogging service is at second position in our. It also utilizes  instant messaging, SMS or a web interface to make our experience more real.

Alexa Rank – 8






Everyone knows about it . The world’s no. 1 social networking site is our favourite Facebook.

In Fact Facebook is the second most viewed site on Earth.

Alexa Rank – 2