Interiors of a Smartphone : Components present inside smartphone

The “2012 Smartphone Guide” recently released by the Nomura Equity Research explains the inside story of a smartphone. It also explains which components are present in the smartphone and which companies provide these components with market shares.


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Well Well!!!! you will be really surprised to know that there are more than 25 components that are needed to be present in a  modern smartphone. And you will know also get to know which companies provide these components . Moreover you will also get know the price of these components present in the smartphone which means you can calculate the cost of your smartphone .

Try it and get shocked……..

Components Present Inside Smartphone :


Manufacturers: Samsung (25% marketshare),

Japan Display (20%),

LG Display (15%),

Sharp (10%),

Chimei (10%) and

AUO (10%)

Price: Cost of Display will range from $18 to $20.



Manufacturers: Qualcomm (35% marketshare),

Texas Instruments (20%),

Samsung (12%) and

Nvidia (5%)

Cost: Cost of the processors in the smartphone will range from $15 to $17.



Manufacturers: Samsung (31% marketshare),

Toshiba (31%),

Micron (27%) and

SanDisk (9%)

Price: Cost of NAND Flash will range from $20 to $22.



Manufacturers: Samsung (38% marketshare),

Hynix (21%),

Elpida (16%) and

Micron (13%)

Price: Cost of DRAM will range from $8 to $10.



Manufacturers:  Qualcomm (45% marketshare),

MediaTek (13%),

Intel (10%),

STEricsson (11%),

Broadcom (5%) and

Marvell (3%)

Price : Cost of this component will range from $10 to $13



Manufacturers: TPX (15-20% marketshare),

Young Fast (15-20%),

Wintek (10-15%) and

Nissha Printing (10-15%)

Price : Cost of  Touch panel of a smartphone will range from $7 to $11.



Manufacturers: Sharp (10-15% marketshare),

LG Innotek (10-15%),

Foxconn (8-10%),

SEMCO (5-10%) and

STM (5-10%)

Price: Cost of this component will range from $9 to $10.



Manufacturers: Simplo (40-50% marketshare),

Dynapack (35-40%)

Price: Cost of the battery of a smartphone will range from $5 to $8.




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