Google Now : Another revolutionary technology from Google !!!

Google has finally unveiled Google Now to create a change in terms of Technology. With launch of Google Now in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , Google can now show the latest Technology with the help of Google Now.

What is Google Now ???

Google Now is a personalised mobile search application which is basically designed for the mobiles especially smartphones and later on can come to Tablets. Google is basically designed by the Knowledge Graph . Moreover , this is built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Android Operating System.

It basically helps us to give the right information about what you want to search. The main concept behind  Now is that it will use all the past history and will use everything that it knows about you and after that it will deliver the timely and most relevant information about the queries which can be based about your schedule , time of the day , location , hobbies and much more. Moreover to have a closer look at Google Now  click here….


To have some intuitive and interesting look of Google Now Watch this official demo of Google Now :




Google has now also introduced the concept of Cards. Cards are the new way to notify infomation in a way of pop ups. For example , if you will open your favourite game Cricket , It will pop up cards about the memo or any other app or notification because it is its favourite cricket team.


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Another advantage of this thing is that it represents all the information and notifications in two different and interactive way.

  • Day To Day
  • Travel


what is google now,google now features,google now,google now technology


Day To Day : Day To Day category deals with all the information that will happen to the user throughout the day. Therefore , it will include Weather ,Traffic , Appointments ,Public Transit ,Sports and much more. Moreover , it will also include Places Nearby category that will also come in Travel category.

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Travel : Travel deals with all the task’s that links to your travel information , journeys ,trips  and routine work. Therefore , it will include Flights , Translation , Currency , Tour, Hotel Recommendations and Time Back Home stuff. Moreover , Places Nearby will also exists in this section.

Verdict :

On basis of the idea of this concept… it is really a very revolutionary and unique thing . It will become your personal assistant and will also learn some of your habits and your behaviour which will be based on your search history. Therefore , Lets see how Google Now comes up. It is currently in its beta stage and will come first in Jelly Bean . So , thumbs up for Google Now till now.


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