Google gets license of world’s first self driven car in Nevada……..

Self Driven cars from Google will soon become very popular in the streets of  Nevada , when the state’s Department of  Motor Vehicles approved the license of World’s First Autonomous Vehicle on  monday .

This all was approved when Officials drove the car on the highways , in Carlson City neighbourhoods and also along the very famous Las Vegas part.





These new technological cars from google runs with the help of sensors, lasers, radar sensors , video cameras and database of information which collected separately from manually driven cars to help navigation.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles approved Toyota Prius  which was modified by Google with its driver-less technology.These cars from Google had crossed Golden Gate Bridge and had also been driven along the beautiful Pacific Coastway.

According to Bruce Breslow, director of  Department Of Vehicle , Nevada these cars from Google  can be rightly called the ” Car of the Future “.

Another thing is that ” Most of the vehicle accidents are due to the human errors and through the utilization of  radar sensors , video cameras and other systems , this self driven vehicle will help in analyzing the driving environment more quickly and more safely “.



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