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How to start a WordPress Site Easily and Successfully !!!

The simplest way to develop a platform online is to create a blog. With numerous platforms available including TypePad and Blogger, it is WordPress Site that offers any blogger the most control for customizing and utilizing all of its features. Many first-time bloggers believe that the process is too challenging or takes too much time. That is not true.

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The platform at WordPress.com can be set up and completed in less than an hour. It does not require any technical expertise or skills in computer programming, but simply the ability to choose the blogging site appearance that best reflects the blogger’s style.


How to Start a WordPress Site :

There are specific steps to take when creating a blogging site that will allow the blogger to connect to social media, and increase their online presence. The steps include:

  • Gathering Important Resources – Specific sign-up information will be required to open an account with WordPress. Most importantly it will require a valid email address. The new blogger will have to generate their own username along with an associated password, and read all of the important terms of service.

  • Signing up – The WordPress site will ask for a specific blog domain name that will be incorporated into the new site address. A free domain name can be anything not already utilized by another logger, such as “AnyNewDomainName.WordPress.com.” Next, the blogger will need to create a blog title for their site and select the primary language of his or her site. After checking the privacy box, they are ready to sign up.

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whats the best blogging platform,how to start a wordpress site,best way to start a wordpress site,tips to start a wordpress site easily,best ways to start online wordpress site


  • Utilizing the Dashboard – Now that the blogger has a new active account, it is time to tackle the dashboard. From this location, the blogger can quickly begin writing posts and pages, add other users, revise their user profile, update any active blogroll and select a template. There are third-party WordPress themes  available that are fully designed and ready to generate a straight out-of-the-box blogging website. Any problems along the way can easily be handled through the “Support” tab located on the screen in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Navigating the Platform – On the dashboard, the new blogger can easily navigate through all of the administration pages. He or she will have full control over all the written posts, and comments that require moderating. Every theme and sidebar can be fully customized from this location.

  • Taking Advantage of the Widgets – WordPress site offers a huge selection of widgets that can fully customize the sidebars of the blog. These include search tools, text boxes, add boxes, and a full range of RSS tools. The blogger gets to select the ones that best optimize the way they can distribute information and content to their online audience.

  • Time to Write – After taking time to understand the dashboard, downloading a third-party WordPress theme, and adding any widgets to the site, it is time to begin writing. From the dashboard, simply select the “Write” tab to add a title and text contents. Once completed simply click the “Save” button or the “Publish” button to have the first blog posted to the site.

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Making the Site Valuable

More than just creating a beautiful web design, it is important to make the site valuable for all of your blogging readers. There are significant ways to achieve a greater audience by keeping existing visitors and gaining new ones. Some of the following tips will help enhance SEO (search engine optimization) by ranking the site higher in search engine queries. Other tips will simply keep the audience coming back for more. They include:

  • Maintain a Focus – Writing speedier fast pages is crucial to blogging. Typically, the audience will only recognize when the blogger is absent from the site. Maintaining a focus and adding pertinent, valuable information will keep the readers on the site  longer and have them wanting more.


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whats the best blogging platform,how to start a wordpress site,best way to start a wordpress site,tips to start a wordpress site easily,best ways to start online wordpress site

  • Write Short Posts – Writing for blogging is different than static web pages. People want quick answers with enough details to make their time reading worthwhile.

  • Provide Simple Navigation – It is important to have simple, intuitive navigation, where blogs are categorized and where quick links provide an easy way to move around the site.

  • Use Appropriate Designs – Web design can be critical when attempting to create the right atmosphere for the blogging site. Third-party WordPress themes designed for specific niche markets are available online. Selecting the best color scheme and creative design can provide an inviting environment that makes the audience want to come back for more.

  • Check Grammar and Spelling – Adding value to every word written requires proper spelling and grammar. Be sure and check for any spelling errors or obvious errors in grammar.

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Creating an online blog is a simple process that requires just a little time. WordPress Site offers every component needed to get an online blogging site up and running in less than an hour. Using the above tips, any blogger can quickly create a blogging site and have their words published to the world.

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