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Indian boy solves 350 year old Newton’s math puzzle

Lot of buzzzzz… has been created when a 16 year old Indian boy solved the puzzle which was more than 350 years old. In fact, this puzzle was put by one of the greatest scientists and mathematician of the history….Isaac Newton.

Yes!!!!!! you heard it right  , worlds greatest mathematician , Newton ‘ s puzzle was solved by 16 year old boy. Shourya Ray, from Dresden was titled a real genius when he worked on the problems of the greatest scientist Newton.


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The problem which Shourya solved was on  fundamental particle dynamics . Two problem were solved by Ray on  fundamental particle dynamics theories. These problems were calculated only by the big mainframe or very powerful computers.

Effect of his solutions :

The solutions made by Ray will help the scientists to calculate flight path of a thrown ball and it will also help them to predict how  it will strike and bounce off a wall.

During a school trip, Ray noticed these problems for the first time and in fact, professors of Dresden University claimed that it was uncrackable.





“I just asked myself, ‘Why not?’,” stated Ray. 

And added, “I didn’t believe there couldn’t be a solution”

Shourya started solving these difficult  and complicated problems  from the early age of 6. At that time the teachers of the school visualised his talent.

Ray fluently speaks German language in just 4 years after coming form Kolkata , four years ago.And his talents was very quickly noticed by the professors of his school and as a result he was pushed up 2 years early in his school.

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