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Kristen Stewart in Cali gets a stripper like figure

Los Angeles : Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart in Cali will get her body into shape to get a stripper like figure for “Cali” in her next role. Yes !! you heard it right actress Kristen Stewart is going to gym to get her make her body into shape so that she could perfectly fit the action movie named as ‘Cali’.


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Moreover , for her role in the movie she will also get a tan and dye hair blonde. Moreover Kristen Stewart also qouted as a saying in a website  as,

“I am going to get into the best shape of my life. I am going to look like a stripper. I am going to look like a porn star,”

This 22 year old Hollywood actress is going to play a role of Mya , who with her boyfriend flees away becuase they had sold a snuff film. But after some time i.e. after an year ago Mya returns back so that she can save her sister who had landed in trouble.

According to Kristen Stewart the main reason why she opted out this project was that she was very much intrigued by the script. According to Kristen , lots of time when you will read the script you will always find the thing that are very interesting and surprising which will shock you about yourself. Moreover cinematography or process of making movie also tells how these feelings ocurred. And most of the times these type of feelings cannot be described.

“But if you don`t know why someone is the way that they are, then you are just playing a caricature of a girl,” Stewart added.

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