Madonna prevents her fans from stealing her DNA !!!

Madonna is reportedly preventing her fans from stealing her DNA.There are reports that Madonna is that much worried about her fans that she had even Madonna had ordered sterile wipes for her dressing room for cleaning  after every show  on her present world tour.

According to Dailymail, American singer has reportedly made a “Sterilisation Team”  so that they can clean the traces of Madonna which are left from her Skin, her hair and even saliva , Mirror reported.


Moreover, the popular actress and pop queen is also believed that only she and her entourage can come to her backstage and there are also these type of restrictions for Madonna’s dressing room. In fact, no one can see the dressing room of Madonna  when it will be made ready.

“We have to take extreme care,” concert promoter Alvaro Ramos, who is managing the portugese part of this tour. Moreover, Ramos also added, “In the end it is all to protect her and make her comfortable. I do understand it but it is taken to extremeness”.

Moreover, Madonna also makes sure that only her team will make her changing room therefore there will be no danger of anyone  planting the hidden cameras in the dressing room.

The American singer, is currently on her famous MDNA world tour and presently this had been already played Turkey,Israel,Italy and Spain  and will arrive at Portugal this sunday. Moreover Madonna has also created  controversy by flashing her nipple in Israel and her bottom in Italy. Therefore it can be judged that this tour will have many more controversies.




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