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Merits and Demerits of joining Merchant Navy

If you are one among in the people who are searching to grab a job in merchant navy and wondering its merits and demerits, then you have arrived at right place. Merchant Navy is one of the most challenging job but has its perks too. Have a look at both advantages and disadvantages of joining Merchant Navy as follows.

Merits of Joining Merchant Navy :

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  • Chance To Travel To Multiple Places:

If you like to travel more, then you can join this career. Navy is a career which will give opportunity to travel across the world. It involves seafaring. You may not pay any charge to travel around the world.

  • Get Highest Salary:

Merchant navy jobs are the highest salary paying job. We need to agree with the fact that this job has lost its glory as prior to several years. There is more demand for this job and thus one should agree this job is now providing lesser than average salary.

At the same time, in comparison with few professions, through merchant navy job, one can get descent salary. As the experience goes more, salary will increase.

  • Status Of NRI:

NRI status will be given to one who is supposed to sail more than 182 days.The NRI status is used to receive more income tax and few financial benefits. Sailor with NRI status no needs to pay tax. In order to receive this NRI status, you have to be ready to stay for 182 days outside of India. Sailor who satisfies this condition can stay tax free for the particular financial year.

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  • Enjoy Holidays:

Holidays are dependent on the work nature and location of this job. Period of time supposed to stay in board may differ highly dependent on two attributes of work such as location and nature of job. Independent sailor is needed to spend either 3 months or 6 months or 8 months or etc. In order to be real, one has to stay for above period aboard ship.

But after your work, you can compensate your workdays through long rest. One can stay in holidays from 2 to 3 months.

  • Opportunity To Meet Multiple Regional People:

As this job is related to working in navy ship, you will find chance to work with professionals across the world. Therefore, you will find an opportunity to meet different culture oriented people. If you are a person fanatic to stay with different cultures, then this work will be very fine for you.


Demerits of joining Merchant Navy Job:

In reality, it is also important to face some difficulties over this job and they are :

  • Away From Family Life:

You may find long holidays, but as you are going to spend in ship for more time, you may miss your time with family or friends.

  • A Dangerous Job:

Sailing in sea is not an easy task. The work environment aboard a ship may not be truly comfortable. Sailors are supposed to face raging and also necessary to meet weather conditions and etc.

So, are you planning to join merchant navy. How did you like this article of Demerits and Merits of Merchant Navy ?  Feel free to comment below in the comment section. Stay Connected and Stay Updated.

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