NASA’s spitzer detects light beyond Solar System “SUPER EARTH”………

NASA’ spitzer space telescope had created another buzz  when it detected light emanating from a any source which is beyond the solar system and yes it can be “Super Earth”.

This was for the first time that any source is found beyond the solar system.

According to Bill Danchi, Spitzer program scientist at NASA Headquarters “Spitzer has amazed us yet again”.



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The planet named as 55 Cancri e  , falls into the category of planets called Super Earth. These Super Earth planets are more bigger and massive than our home planet Earth but are not as big as the giant-like planet Neptune.

This new planet 55 Cancri e is about double the size of our planet Earth and eight times as massive as Earth and moreover it will orbit a bright star called 55 Cancri e. In this new study Spitzer measured the amount of Infrared planets that is coming from the planet.

This new system i.e.  55 Cancri e system is not so far away from the Earth that is only about 41 light years away.

It also has five planets that are very close to the Earth and is tidally locked therefore every side will face a star .

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