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“Nomophobia” no!! no!! “Mobile phone phobia” is the biggest Tech phobia

The biggest tech phobia is now revealed by scientists in London. And guess what its “Nomophobia ” – the fear  of  being without your cellphone . According to the new study around 66% of people are affected by it .

Around four years ago , 53 % people admitted that they have fear of losing their phone and now this percentage had been increased to 66%.


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This all was done in the latest survey of 1000 people in UK. And among them 66% of people admitted that they never want to go anywhere without their mobilephones.

Youth seems more addicted to this phobia because the youngsters aged between 18 to 24  because 77% of them say they can’t leave their mobile phone for more than few minutes while number of people who can’t leave their phone  from the age 25 to 34 are 68% .

Another fact was came into consideration that people uses their cellphone 34 times a day and 75% of people uses their mobiles in bathrooms because according to them it is the  modern alternative of newspapers…..

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