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Samsung Galaxy S III explodes, causes still unknown……….

Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded in a car while there is no report of exact cause of this superphone.

Once there was a time when Apple Iphone’s  news of explosions got a huge media coverage. But now the same case is occuring with the biggest rival of Iphone today and that is Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S3 can be rightly called the hottest phone on the market but no one had thought that this phone’s  could go to the extreme level that phone gets explodes.

This strange and unpleasant incident occurrred in Ireland. The was white coloured Galaxy s3. That white coloured  Galaxy s3 was bought from Carphone Warehouse and the phone was attached to car mount. Suddenly, the white phone was releasing white flames from its bottom. Check out some of the pics of exploded Galaxy S3.




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This exploded and dead Galaxy S3 has been all over the internet .Fortunately, the owner of the phone was unharmed and and he also got the new phone from Samsung immediately and the exploded Galaxy s3 has been sent to headquarters of the company so that they can deeply investigate the cause of this problem.

Users should become happy now becomes this case is now isolated and  the company has officialy released the statement.

“There have been recent online posts displaying pictures of a Samsung GALAXY SIII that appears to have heat-related damage at the bottom of the device. Samsung is aware of this issue and will begin investigating as soon as we receive the specific product in question.

Once the investigation is complete, we will be able to provide further details on the situation. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest products possible and are looking at this seriously.” from Samsung officials.


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