8 glasses of water a day myth proved wrong

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day was a very common belief that people believe to stay fit and healthy. But recently according to Melbourne Academic this myth needs some debunking.


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According to the new Australian recommendations, the ample amount of fluid that a human body should intake is 2.8 litres for women and 3.4 litres for men. But these 3.4 litres does’nt required to be water. This 3.4 litres can be any fluid.This fluid can be include those found in Foods and beverages.

“It is not essential that the fluid should be only water but it can be  from Fuits ,Vegetables and even Tea and Coffee “, said by  La Trobe University lecturer Spero Tsindos.

“If you’re feeling very thirsty and you need to drink then it is not necessary that it should be water it can be any beverage.”, Tsindos added as a writng in  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.


According to Tsindos , he is not saying that  you should’nt drink water, he in fact, means to say drinking 2 litres of water is more than ample and will definitely be good for your health. Drinking large amount of water on a sitting to complete goal of each day intake level is definitely pointless as it will not be distributed in all the organs and parts of the body it in fact, would lead to dilution of urine only.



For Dieters :

Dieters who believe that if they drink large amount of water can easily lose weight are completely wrong.

According to Tsindos, Drinking lots of water in a day would not work without a combination of low calorie diet. Water with a combination of low calorie diets are the most effective ways to lose weight  than water alone.

Water is imporatnt for health ,but  drinking 8 glasses of water is a pure madness and it also appears as an overestimation of your requirements.

In a nutshell , according to The National Academy of Sciences around 2.5 litres of  water should be consumed daily.