2014 Honda City all variants Pricing starts at whooping Rs 7.42 lakh

Finally, 2014 Honda City has revelaed the pricing of its all variants. 2014 Honda City Pricing starts at aggressive Rs. 7.42 lakhs which is not only competitive but will give a tough competition to its contenders. Honda city 2014 pricing is really a shock for its competitiors as the Honda City petrol variants starts at Rs. 7.42 lakh while the Honda City diesel variants starts at Rs 8.62 lakh which is by far the best pricing of Honda city,

2014 Honda City all variants Pricing  :

Honda has released its Fourth generation city which although looks identical with the previous generation City but according to Honda it has put everything new. The all new Honda City is also the first City to get a Diesel engine under its chasis.


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The Honda City Diesel engine is same as the 1.5 litre Honda Amaze engine which will produce power of 100 PS which will be a great blend of efficiency and performance. Moreover, Honda claims that City Diesel will produce a whooping 26kmpl fuel efficiency which is higher than its rivals and will be a big plus point.




Moreover, the Honda City Petrol engine is also same as 1.5 litre from its previous sibling and will produce 119 PS of power compared to 118 PS from its previous old car.

Now here is something interesting !! Honda has also launched a CVT automatic gearbox models in the Petrol segment. The manual transmission model deliver an efficiency of 17.8kmpl while the automatic CVT transmisiion model delivers efficiency of 18kmpl which is more than that of manual and is also the first automatic model to deliver more efficiency than the manual one. And one more thing this CVT model makes it as the most fuel efficient automatic car in India.



The booking of the new Honda City has already started and Honda have received more than 9000 booking before the launch. The deliveries of the Diesel variant are started immediately while the Petrol variant deliveries will start by mid-February. From us we can say that the car is brilliant overall but whether it is best in class is a question so STAY TUNED.

Honda City Diesel variants Pricing :

The pricing of all the Diesel variants of Honda City are as follows :

E MT : 8.62 Lacs

S MT : 9.24 Lacs

SV MT : 9.66 Lacs

V MT : 10.16 Lacs

VX MT : 11.10 Lacs


Honda City Petrol variants Pricing :

The pricing of all the Petrol variants of Honda City are as follows :

E MT : 7.42 Lacs

S MT : 8.04 Lacs

SV MT : 8.49 Lacs

V MT : 8.99 Lacs

VX MT : 9.93 Lacs

SV CVT : 9.49 Lacs

VX CVT : 10.98 Lacs