Top 10 Preparation Tips to Crack IAS Exam for Beginners

Want to clear IAS in first attempt | Want some real preparation Tips to crack IAS for beginners | Want To know how to study according to IAS Syllabus & Exam Pattern, Kudos! you are at right place. If you have decided to write the IAS exam, it is certain that you have made an ambitious and wise decision like never before in your life. Now the question lies in how you would fulfill your ambition. The time when you feel that you have done your best effort and trying to have a rest, revise your subjects exactly at the same point of time. The points mentioned below would be highly beneficial for you while preparing for the IAS exam.

Preparation Tips for IAS Students :

  • Study the Right Books at the Right Time

Have a proper study time where you could allot the daytime and nighttime for study, leisure and other activities in a constructive manner. While studying you could take help from your immediate family members to check your answer. Let them question you every way so that you can see your strengths and the areas where you are struggling.

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  • Choose the Subjects Wisely

It is extremely important that you choose each and every subject wisely at the start of the preparation itself. You would have to tackle multiple choice questions that would be a real test for you as a prompt answer of a question. If you are not sure of the answer, it would help you to filter out the unwanted ones. We all know that accurate answers would be available only in the domain of mathematics and hence it should be given top priority.

  • What subjects you should choose

We should choose the optional subjects that we are comfortable with viz. for instance subjects and Geography and History are exhaustive compared to other subjects. It is advisable that you opt for NCERT textbooks as they are the most reliable and trusted source available for this subject. If you have studied engineering for instance, you should choose those subjects which were related to the stream you had pursued as this would turn things easy.

  • General Awareness

If you are a UPSC aspirant, you would be well aware of the fact that General Awareness is a key area as far as the IAS exam is concerned and the candidate has to be well set and ready to go to tackle questions from this section as examiner’s are expected to ask questions that might sound tricky to you.

  • Watch Informational Videos

This would mean that you should watch videos that are aimed at widening your mental and intellectual horizons like for example that of videos from Byju’s the learning app that have been heard to contain information relevant to the UPSC exam like sample test papers, video lectures on important topics like economy, polity and lots more.

  • Interview Dress Code

Interview as you know is the real test of your character. Candidates are expected to look clean and presentable and have to ensure that they don’t overdo it while making sure that they don’t look sloppy either. They way you dress speak volumes about your character to the board members in the interview panel.

  • Significance of Self Confidence

The members of the interview panel would try assess yourself belief as they are one of the main prerequisites to become an IAS/IPS officer as you are expected to form judgments in the matter of just a split second.

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  • Interview Performance

You should be well aware of the fact that the interview would throw tricky questions out of the blue just to make you off-guard and being an aspirant it is your job to maintain your composure and not to panic or re-active as this would ensure that you would come out in flying colors when the score card arrives.

  • Communication/Language Skills

By now you would know how important the skill of communication is to become a civil servant as it would be an integral part of your daily routine as you are expected to communicate in all forms either orally or verbally using different modes.

  • Proper Rest/Sleep

This is nothing but to ensure that you have proper sleep to make yourself feel energetic and healthier during the interview or exam else it would hamper your performance considerably.

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