Techkriti 2017 Technical Festival details : IIT Kanpur

Techkriti 2017 is an annual inter-collegiate technology and entrepreneurship festival organized by the students of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. It was launched in 1995 with the aim of developing interest and encouraging innovation in technology among students. The festival is held over four days every March, attracting footfall of over 40,000 from all over India and abroad.

This year IIT Kanpur shall be organising Techkriti from 23rd to 26th march 2017. This techno-bonanza witnesses fierce, neck to neck competitions in various fields, such as Robotics, Electronics, Business, Design, Coding, Aeromodelling, and various online events. Techkriti also has Guest Lectures by esteemed personalities who are well known stalwarts in their respective fields and Exhibitions, that never fail to ignite in students, the passion for innovation. TOSC for the third time was organized successfully witnessing a huge participation in its very third appearance bringing to us the level of innovations and thoughts which our school kids have.

In the past, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex-President and Founder of India’s missile program), Richard Stallman (Founder, FSF and GNU Project), Vladimir Voevodsky (Fields Medalist from Russia), Douglas Osheroff (Nobel Laureate-Physics), Michael Foreman (NASA Astronaut),Marshall Strabala (Architect- BurjKhalifa), Jeff Liebermann (Host-Time Warp), Victor Hayes (Father of Wi-Fi), Walter Lewin (Astrophysicist, MIT), Rakesh Sharma (Astronaut, India), Linor Abargil (Former Miss World), Hans Rosling (Data Visionary and Global Health Expert), Alvin E Roth (Nobel Laureate, Economics), P.Sainath (Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu), amongst the others, have gracefully agreed to address the students and academia during the festival.Following it this year also Techkriti will admit the presence of nobel laureates who would serve as a source of motivation for the students.

Techkriti is not only conducting competitions and workshops , besides various professional shows by artists all over the globe are also organised. Former versions of Techkriti have witnessed performances by Parikrama, KK, Roy Zaltsman, Andy McKee, Trace Bundy, Tracy Lee Stum, Kailash Kher, Walts 3D animation show spontaneous fantasia, Air Show by a team from Indian Air Force and many more.So along with all the competitions and technicalities Techkriti also serves as a source of refreshment and provides ample opportunities for the participants to hang out and calm their nerves.

Also every year, Techkriti, with its social campaigns addresses one major issue prevailing in the world at large. Techkriti 13 was the first Carbon positive festival of India. Techkriti 14 celebrated the International Women’s Day by launching a novel campaign seeking to bring in a wave of women empowerment. Techkriti 15 was enlightening people about the increase of teen suicides and how serious consequences it may follow. Techkriti 17 as part of its initiative has launched- HOPE, a quest to promote education. HOPE is an initiative to spread literacy and quality education to all sections of our society. We want, to not only spread education, but also to promote practical and scientific learning instead of rote learning among students.We want to reach out to kids who do not have adequate access to education and make learning a joy accessible to all.

In the wake of the 21st century world, brimming with technocrats and entrepreneurs, Techkriti enters its 23rd edition a bigger and better version, all set to inspire the soon to be the engineers. It comes with the enigmatic power to exterminate the social evils that corrupt our society through the various social campaigns. We promise the best 4 days of your life, filled with enthusiasm and creativity like never before. Rest assured for you will certainly not return empty handed. We guarantee inspiration and information to innovate, excel and empower and this year with the theme FACTUALISING FICTIONS  it will be really one fest to participate in and to gain insight into the world of science . So pull up yours socks and let the Geek within you run rampant, for the countdown has already begun.

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