MARS ONE : The first human settlement plan in Mars

Finally the official plan for settlement of  Humans to the outer space  i.e. Mars  has been proposed. Mars One is the official plan  for the migration of  Humans to the Red Planet.  This realistic project is optimal for colonization in Mars.

Mars One Mission :

This project has been proposed with the support of scientists and astrologers all over the world. And moreover there is also a lot buzz regarding the first person to land on  Mars. Moreover there is already very intelligently made road map for the preparation of this project. Many plans and astronaut trainings will be held for this project only. This is only to help the Humans how the life would be at Mars.

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  The whole plan will finish by the end of 2022 and therefore by in 2023 first humans will settle on Mars. The scheduled launch of  this project  is for September 14 , 2022.

mars one,one way ticket to mars,one way ticket,mars 1,settlement on mars

    Strategy and Roadmap for Mars One :The strategy or planning of this project has been made quite intelligently and systematically. Moreover the roadmap of Mars One is qutie simple and easy to understand. Check it out……….

  • 2013 : The selection  of the astronauts will get started.  There will be a total of 40 people who will be trained to  train , survive and live in the environment of  Martian Display.
  • 2014 : At this time the main and vital preparation for sending the first 40 astrounauts will begin.
  • 2016 : At this stage about 2500kg of food  products with a satellite will be send to Mars. :
  • 2018 :  The best part …… a huge rover will be send to the red planet which will choose the best location or place for settlement of humans and yes live video streaming will be done available for anyone on Earth to watch.
  • 2021 :  Everything needed for settlement on mars ……..all the supplies must have landed on Mars  by this time.
  • 2022 :  All the machine equipments needed for water supply , oxygen generation as well as atmosphere production will be ready till this time. Moreover the first manned flight to Mars will be launched on September 14. And four people will land on mars as a one way trip.
  • 2023 : Now the first people will land on Mars and will start living in their settlements . After two years , again next colonizers will arrive who will bring next modules, rovers and hardwares.

And yes the best part……. we will be able to see the whole process on Earth via live streaming. You can also visit the official websitefor more details.

mars one,one way ticket to mars,one way ticket,mars 1,settlement on mars

  And yes, don’t forget to see the video of this whole concept in detail below……..