New Planet discovered in a Habitable zone like Earth !!!

Astronomers have discovered a new planet which lies in our habitable zone. Yes !!! you heard it right, a new planet discovered which offers same climatic conditions like our home planet.


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New Planet Discovered :

A team of Anglo-German astronomers discovered a new planet which is near to the sun.Moreover, this new planet is at the right distance like our planet that could support survival.

Actually, the Anglo-German team discovered 3 planets orbiting the star 44 light years away but only one of them was favourable for survival and lies in the region of so-called Goldilocks Zone , the band around sun which is neither too cold nor too hot.

Moreover , Guillem Angla-Escude from Germany’s University of Goettingen, who led this research with Mikko Tuomi at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain , also said ” The star HD 40307 is a perfectly quiet old dwarf star, so there is no reason why such a planet could not sustain an Earth-like climate.”


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Another important thing is that the planet has seven times more mass than Earth but as it lies on the same distance as of Earth from the sun, therefore it receives the same amount of heat, light and solar energy like Earth.

In fact, more than 800 planets have been discovered outside solar system since 1990 but only few of them are in habitable part. Another very interesting thing is that  from these planets even more rare are the planets that spins like Earth which will create the day-time and night time. And the planets don’t spin like Earth are called tidally locked.

Moreover, Hugh Jones, astronomer of University of Hertfordshire told Reuters  “And this new planet  discovered which is closest to the Earth in a habitable zone is not tidally locked .”


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Why Do Astronauts Become Weightless In Space??

Ever wondered why Astronauts or anyone who is in space becomes Weightless. Here are the answers of all your queries. In this article you can will get to know Why does Astronauts become Weightless in Space. Check it out……

The idea of floating about completely weightless sounds great fun, but try to imagine what it must be like to lose normal control of your body. Astronauts have to learn to live in these conditions, sometimes for months on end, because when they are in space their bodies become apparently weightless.

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Once a spacecraft is in orbit around the earth, it remains held in position by the earth’s gravity. The astronauts inside are moved by the same force, and since they and the spacecraft are moving in the same way, they are not drawn down the floor but float about.

There is one curious side-effect of weightlessness which is encouraging to anyone who would like to be a little taller. Because their bodies are not pulled down to earth by the force of it’s gravity, astronauts find that they stretch a little in space. The effect does not last for long once they return to earth. Gravity soon pulls them back to their original height. 

Therefore, I hope that you will be clear now about Why Astronauts become Weightless in Space ??? If any  question arises feel free to comment on it.

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