Technology and Education: combining both to deliver the best

Technology and Education !!! The most talked about topic in the past years is rightly the Technology and Education. Technology has been growing in leaps and bounds for the past two decades. Be it the increased computing speed, powerful machinery, artificial intelligence, data communication systems, these advancements have revolutionised different sectors like business, medicine, communications, software, etc.

A more recent trend that is evolving steadily is the use of technology in education for delivering better results. Several ways in which the education process has been optimised by technology can be seen below.


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Benefits Of Technology And Education :

Online education: Online education is a perfect example of the cross-over between education and technology. Its popularity is mostly due to its simple and convenient form of learning. Students take classes over the internet or a private network according to their convenience . This form of learning is very suitable for housewives, working people, differently abled individuals and the ones who can’t afford regular education. Several eminent universities are coming up with interesting online degrees that are well-recognised in the industry.


benefits of technology and education,technology and education,technology and education relation,technology in education,relation of technology and education,technology in education advantages

E-books: These are easy to create when compared to regular printed text books and can be distributed at a cheaper cost (sometimes for free). This trend is popular largely due to the affordability of tablet PCs and e-book readers. At the pace in which their popularity is growing, a day might arrive when  students don’t have to carry their heavy back-packs crammed with text-books. Also, using e-books is great from an ecological viewpoint as they cut down on the usage of paper.

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Social Media: Contrary to the traditional beliefs, a real life teacher-student interaction, today, almost in any subject can be replaced because of the content provided by informational sites like, or These sites enable students to learn better by explaining concepts and theories in simplified text. Also, several lectures by eminent professors are available for free on You Tube, which can be accessed by anyone for free.

Benefits for teachers: Using several computer software like presentation programs (ex: Microsoft Power Point), teachers can create digital lessons using slides that highly simplify their teaching. Also, they can be used multiples times by the students for reference.

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E-tutoring: This is a great option for kids that need special attention apart from the regular sessions at school. Several websites came up with concept of virtual classrooms where the teachers and students from different countries meet  and engage in tutoring sessions that are carried about with the help of a virtual whiteboard and online chat or voice sessions. 

Social Networking: Through social networking sites, one can easily join online communities that share common educational interests. Useful information can be exchanged, which would result in  better exposure of an individual. Also, through this kind of interaction, you can learn new languages and cultures of different countries, which widen your chances for pursuing an overseas education.

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  1. Nowadays technology and education are connected. That’s true. Students often use technologies to pass exams and to make their studying easier.

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