The most definitive image of our planet Earth : Shot from 121 Megapixel Camera

Our beautiful planet Earth have never been seen such a clear and definitve image.

It is only due to  Electro-L, Russia’s latest weather satellite ,with the help of which we are able to see such a neat and clear image of our planet.This image is clicked from 36,000 km above the surface with the vivid and extremely rich deep blues of the oceans  and with the sharp and tidy outlines of the land and boundary surface. And yes, you can also see the white colour skies clearly in the image.



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About the Camera/satellite from which this image  was shot……..

Ever wondered from which camera resolution this image would’ve been clicked???. The answer is 121 Megapixels. Yes , you heard it right this image is clicked from a 121 megapixel camera of Geostationary Satellite, Electro-L.

This image was taken at massive 121 megapixels even in one shot only. As most of the images clicked by NASA or other agencies are made by stitching many images together . Therefore this image of such a high resolution is very rare to find.

This photo clicked by the Russian Weather satellite is the highest resolution image on Earth. And therefore it is also the sharpest image available on the planet Earth.

You can also view the video of this image…….


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