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Top 10 Preparation Tips for IIT JEE Advanced 2015

The JEE Mains and JEE Advanced have long replaced the IIT-JEE and AIEEE. This implies that the race for preparation for has increased in leaps and bounds and students will have to gear themselves up a little more in order to be able to crack them alongside preparing for board exams. If you are an JEE 2015 Aspirant and you think that while juggling both, you have missed the bus, do not lose heart; there is still time left and you must gear up for the rest of the time that is left and give your best shot.

A million dollar question that bothers engineering aspirant is how to go about cracking the examination especially with very less time left. Well, YES, it is possible to go about not only cracking but also securing good marks. The following paragraphs take a quick look at how to go about cracking JEE Advanced 2015:-

Top Ten Tips to Crack Advanced JEE 2015

To begin with, keep your calm and do not panic at any cost; however it is important that you become serious and remain focused on the goal; a focused, dedicated and methodical way of study is bound to give you the best possible success. Observe the following points:

  1. Proper Time Management

Time management is crucial to every exam preparation; so make sure that you are able to manage your time properly. Make a routine and ensure that you follow them. While solving mock test papers, set a time and be determined that you complete all of it within a given time.

how to crack iit jee advanced 2015,top 10 preparation tips for jee advanced 2015,how to crack jee mains 2015,best jee mains tips and tricks,last minute tricks for jee advanced 2015


  1. Focus More on Numerical Problems

Understand that numerical problems are extremely important for the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced and keep this as your priority. Right from day one start solving numerical problems. All three subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics have numerical problems in abundance in them. Set a number, 40-50 per day and solve them completely.

  1. Discuss with Other Aspirants

Frequent use of formulas and mathematical concepts are a part and parcel of your preparation. Network and interact with fellow aspirants; indulge in group study as this will help you get an idea about how they prepare and what different preparation techniques they follow.

  1. Make Daily Goals

In a competitive world, you need to make it large, put in a lot of efforts and win in the rat race. Make small goals and set a time by which you will finish all of them. For example, you plan to finish 50 physics problems by afternoon and then begin with your Chemistry equations. Ensure that you are able to stick to your routine completely and finish all your work in time. Achieving smaller goals make for greater achievements in future.

  1. Solve Specimen or Previous Years’ Question Papers

how to crack iit jee advanced 2015,top 10 preparation tips for jee advanced 2015,how to crack jee mains 2015,best jee mains tips and tricks,last minute tricks for jee advanced 2015

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While an old school preparation technique, this is still relevant in present times. Solving previous years’ question papers help a lot. Pick up at least last 10 years’ question papers and solve them. You will get to notice the changing patterns of questions and will get to know what to expect.

  1. Have a Clear Thought Process

Developing a clear process of thought is important while preparing for exams. This is because, every time you see a question, you should have a clear mind, as to how to go about it and how to solve it.

  1. Remain Focused

Preparing for Advanced JEE and juggling board exams at the same time can be a little tiresome. Many times students tend to lose focus and deviate. This is where the crux lies; do not ever give up. Be determined and remain focused on your goals.

  1. Make a Routine and Follow It

JEE mainly focuses on three main subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These three subjects must be prepared with immense concentration. Also ensure that you make a routine. What you can do is, develop a subject-wise strategy and follow it properly. You can cover the difficult sections of the syllabus to begin with and then move towards the easier sections.

  1. Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

This area is quiet important, you must be completely aware about your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified it, you can work on them and prepare accordingly. For example, you are extremely confident about Mathematics, but Chemistry gives you jitters. So, construct a strategic plan and start preparing accordingly.

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  1. Ensure You Have a Good Health

A proper diet and a good sleep are very much essential. You have to be in your best of health to be able to study for long hours and balance out everything. So a good eat healthy and sleep properly. Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes can work wonders for your body and mind.

The Final Words

Anything you learn during this phase does not go waste. So, put in all your efforts, study hard and put your best foot forward. Once you are determined to give your best, no one can stop you from winning. So, pull up your sock and put your best foot forward!

Do tell how did you liked our last minute tips and tricks to crack JEE Advanced 2015. If you still have any doubt in mind feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. For more updates on JEE Advanced stay connected and stay updated.

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