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Top 4 Apps to help you crack BITSAT Exam

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test or BITSAT as it popularly known is one of the hardest entrance exams held in the country. Having said that, with right preparation and focus you can crack it easily enough! What make BITSAT tougher than other exams is the huge curriculum and negative marking system (which means you’ll lose a mark every time you gave a wrong answer). This means that you’ll have to learn fast and you’ll have to remember better!

Top Apps to crack BITSAT Exam :

So, how do you accomplish this? The answer is simple, by smart learning. Here your smart phone can be more than a little help. How? Well, to crack BITSAT you’ll have to become a master time manager. This means there is no time waste at all. So, here are some apps that’ll let you study on the go and prepare you for your BITSAT exam 2016 even when you are away from your study table.

  1. BITSAT Practice: As the name suggests, this app is dedicated for BITSAT preparation. This awesome app let you practice mock tests on all the subjects in the curriculum. You can take a time bound test, and check the score afterwards to track your progress. And you can do this from anywhere and everywhere. The app not only give you questions to solve, but also gives all the required information such as BITSAT 2016 exam date, complete syllabus, previous years question papers etc. The app works equally good offline too, so you don’t have to worry about huge data charges. You can download the app for free from Google Store and use all these awesome features to enhance your preparations.

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  1. Logical Reasoning Test: Logical reasoning is a part of BITSAT curriculum. Now this is one tricky subject that can only be mastered with relentless practice. Another problem is while all other subjects are already there in your 12th curriculum, Logical Reasoning is not. Thus, you’ll have to give separate attention to it. What better way to work on it while commuting to your classes or waiting on a queue? This way you can practice reasoning wherever you go and not waste your valuable study hours. This app gives you over 3000 reasoning problems to solve and lets you bookmark the questions you feel going back to. So, download the app today and let your brain muscles flex a bit.
  1. English Grammar Test: English proficiency is another subject of BITSAT which needs a lot of practicing. With this app you can practice various grammatical problems on the go. The app has total 1200 English exercises along with 60 tests. The questions are designed to test every aspect of your knowledge in English grammar. More over there are progressive levels to choose from. Once you clear one level of question successfully you’ll be promoted to the next level. So, you can learn at your own speed. Besides, it’s so much fun to learn through an app, than from a big fat grammar volume!

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  1. Pocket Physics: Like many other students if theories of Physics give you any trouble, then this is one handy app that you’ll like to have. The app is covers almost all physics formulas from school level to high education. So, whenever in doubt you can check with app. Also the app is a great way to revise of important formulas and equations in Physics. You can bookmark the chapters most important to you can go straight that when in hurry. Another great thing is you’ll be able to use the app continuously even after you crack BITSAT. You can download the app for free from Google Play Store.

Well, these 4 are the most helpful apps which will help you crack BITSAT. However, remember of bookmark the BITSAT 2016 exam date and prepare your study schedule accordingly. Also stick to your study schedule. Time management is of essence here. Try and use every minute of spear time that you may have. But make sure not to neglect sleep. Without enough rest your brain cannot function at its best and thus no amount of preparation will help. Maintain at least 7 hours of sleep every day. With a hard work and persistence you’ll surely crack BITSAT.

So how did you like this article of Top 4 apps to crack BITSAT Exam. If you have any more questions regarding the BITSAT exam feel free to comment below. Stay  Best of luck!

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