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Top 5 Effective GMAT Apps (2017) with Preparation Tips

To get recognized as a top business executive one has to nurture the corporate traits and this can be attainable easily with an MBA. Accordingly, to have an edge over the cut throat competition in the corp world, one desire to have an MBA either from Harvard, Stanford, and many other eminent B-schools across the world. To achieve this one has to qualify the traditional form of MBA entrance test: Graduate Management Aptitude Test.

Graduate Management Aptitude Test or GMAT, is like an entry ticket to the leading B-schools located in different realms across the world. Eventually, if you have a sheer desire of pursuing an international MBA to conquer the highest avenues in management hierarchy then you have to qualify GMAT test.

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No wonder, GMAT test is mainly taken by the working professionals. It is very tedious and exhaustive to study after 8-9 hours of hectic working schedule at organization. In case, you’re planning to begin the GMAT journey we’ve summoned five effective tips for GMAT preparation with available GMAT apps. With the advancement of science and technology, the learning GMAT apps are the new dimensions to give an edge to your GMAT cult.

Know About the GMAT Exam Pattern:

Before commencing the GMAT preparation, you should be well aware about the GMAT exam pattern. Here we have created a table to give you a detailed in-sight about GMAT exam pattern. Since, quantitative aptitude consist the mathematical questions so it bestows an opportunity to score more than verbal reasoning. Reading through books it might take a long time to cater the query; on the other hand if you’re studying through GMAT prep app you can directly land to problem solving part as it contains pre-recorded videos. Similarly for verbal reasoning the sentence correction part also become easier as the explanations are also recorded.  According to psychology, the things we see and hear simultaneously retain for a longer period in our memory as compared to the things we only read.

Best gmat app 2017,best gmat apps for success, how to crack gmat exam with gmat apps, top 5 gmat apps for studying, top 5 gmat preparation tips and tricks.

Speed Up Your Test Answering Ability

GMAT is a time game and you have to ace it or else all your efforts will be in vain. To sail through it you have to learn the shortcut attributes and formulae involved in solving the questions. If you’re reading through the understanding the concepts may take time or sometimes you won’t be able to grasp those, in this case GMAT apps are very effective. In a simpler and effective way they make the explanation by using different examples. One of the advantages of GMAT app based learning is that they offer private mentorship to the candidates to solve their individual queries which may not be possible either in classroom based study or simply studying from GMAT Official Guide.

Learn From Authentic Study Materials

For preparing for GMAT test, the selection of authentic study materials is a vital task to do. Often, the books publishing houses publish random books with irrelevant solutions for GMAT prep questions. Meanwhile, GMAT prep app contains the recorded video solutions to the GMAT official Guide. The Official Guide is published and prescribed by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the regulatory body of GMAT test. Hence, they are authentic.


The more you practice for GMAT you’ll be familiar with more different types of questions. As the GMAT app owners are big shots of the GMAT prep providers so they embed a wide array of practice sets. They are vital in acing GMAT prep.

Demands Hard Work in a Smarter Way

As the GMAT test covers the syllabus up to high school level for the subjects like quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning but the questions are very brainstorming and comprehensive. Hence, it requires hard work in a smarter way. As the GMAT prep apps contains the all the sections following the GMAT exam pattern so they solve the questions in that accordance. On the other end, GMAT prep apps are mobile in nature and you can study anywhere and at anytime. It comprises all the tricks and shortcut methods needed for solving a particular question.

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You can take the help of available GMAT apps floating in AppStore or Google Play Store.


Available GMAT Apps

  • Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Quiz
  • GMAT Pill iPhone App
  • GMAT ToolKit for iPhone/iPad

GMAT Apps for iOS Devices

  • Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand
  • GMAT connect for iPad
  • GMAT practice for dummies

GMAT for Android

  • The Official Guide for GMAT review-12th edition
  • IntelliVocab for GMAT
  • GMAT Timer
  • Magoosh GMAT Prep App
  • Byju’s GMAT Prep App

So how did you like Top 5 GMAT Preparation Applications with tips. If you still have any question, feel free to comment in the comment section below. For more updates, stay connected and stay updated.

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