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Top 5 fruits for your health….

Fruits are the most important food for your body and this is only because of their richness in nutrients.If you will have a fruits diet for three days then it is for sure that you will get surprised when you see your face in front of your mirror……How radiant you look!!!!!!!. Here are the top 5 fruits that will enrich your skin and nurture it properly…Have a look at them and also what is the quality of that fruit……..


5.Strawberry : Protective fruit

strawberry,srawberry fruit

Strawberry is the protective fruit that will help you protect your body various cancer causing ,blood vessel-clogging free radicals.It is only because it have the highest antioxidant power.



4.Orange : Nectarous medicine


Orange can be rightly called the sweetest medicine as eating 2 to 4 oranges a day will help you prevent from colds , kidney stones and even decreases the risk of colon cancer.


3.Watermelon : Thirst Quencher


Watermelon is composed of 92% water.This means that this fruit will help you make slim. It also has Glutathione which helps to boost our immune system. It also parts Lycopene which is a cancer fighting oxidant.It also contains Vitamin C and potassium.


2.Kiwi : Mighty Fruit

Kiwi, kiwi fruit

Kiwi contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E & fiber. It has double the vitamin c ontent as in Orange.


1.Apple : An apple a day keeps doctor away ?

apple , apple fruit



Apple is one of the most favourite fruits in the world. Apple enhances the activity of Vitamin C and also helps in lowering the risks of colon cancer , strokes and heart attacks.


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