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Top 5 Google Adsense Earners in India at Present

Google Adsense is the best and most recommended monetization system all over the world and here is a time to check the Top 5 Google Adsense Earners of India. And as it is said that Earning from a Blog is often very difficult as it is a fact that Only 9% of Bloggers manage to earn a single penny.

Therefore, now we are covering the Top 5 Adsense Earners of India. These Adsense Earners are also the best bloggers of India and every newbie Blogger should take inspiration and motivation from these Blogs and of course their Adsense Earnings. Now, have a look at these Top 5 Google Adsense Earners in India.

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Top 5 Google Adsense Earners Of India :


5. Raju PP / TechPP.com

Raju PP is an Electronic Engineer and launched his site TechPP.com in 2008. Moreover, RajuPP was also featured among the 151 Top Tech Indians which was conducted by Exhibit Magazine in 2011.

Website : TechPP.com

Pagerank : 4

Alexa Rank : 19648

Founder : Raju PP

Average Earnings : $8,500/Month

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4. Prabhu Desai / Trak.in 

Prabhu Desai founded Trak.in business website portal. This popular website is a famous Business blog that features every Economic news such as Internet Business, Forex Exchange, Business Trends etc.

Website : Trak.in

Pagerank : 5

Alexa Rank : 16645

Founder : Prabhu Desai

Average Earnings : $9,000/Month


 3. Jaspal Singh / Savedelete.com

Jaspal Singh is a Mechanical Engineer with some really good skills of Designing and Coding . Moreover, his vast interest in Technology, Internet and Computers made him professional Blogger of all time. And today he is a proud owner of Savedelete.com

Website : Savedelete

Pagerank : 4

Alexa Rank : 18546

Founder : Jaspal Singh

Average Earnings : $10,000/Month

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2. Harsh Agrawal / Shoutmeloud.com

Harsh Agrawal is a professional Blogger by India and Engineer by education. He founded Shoutmealoud in 2008. Harsh Agrawal blog about WordPress, SEO and Blogging. He is a very popular blogger from India and has huge fan following.

Website : Shoutmeloud.com

Pagerank : 4

Alexa Rank : 3873

Founder : Harsh Agrawal

Average Earnings : $17,000/Month

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1. Amit Aggarwal / labnol.org

Well !! everyone knows about him. Although, Amit Aggarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computers Science Stream from IIT , Still Amit Aggarwal decided to quit his job in 2004 and decided to become a Professional Blogger in India. His blog Labnol.org is a symbol of excellence. Basically, Amit Aggarwal writes about  Computer Software,Consumer Gadgets,Web Applications etc.

Website : Labnol.org

Pagerank : 6

Alexa Rank : 2935

Founder : Amit Aggarwal

Average Earnings : $45,000/Month


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