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Top ten sites in the World : Check it out

These sites are the world’s top ten sites.These sites are the most  searched sites of  the world . Moreover the sites written below are also the most used sites of the world. So have a look of it…

Top Ten Sites in the World

10. Taobao Marketplace –  (www.taobao.com) is a popular consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online marketplace in China taobao-market-logo     9. live.com – search engine from microsoft windows logo, live.com logo       8. qq.com – china’s largest and most used internet service portal






7. Amazon.com – Earths’ largest customer centric company

amazon.com, amazon logo,amazon.com logo

6.Wikipedia.org – encyclopedia of internet

 wikipedia logo, wikipedia

  5.Baidu.com – a search engine for China

 baidu.com logo, baidu logo,Top ten sites

4.Yahoo.com – best search engine after google.com

  3.Youtube.com – youtube can be called as the giant of videos

 2.   Facebook.com – everyone knows about it

1.Google.com – our favourite search engine     google logo, google.com logo,Top ten sites

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