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Top Ten proven ways to lose fat weight from your body swiftly

How to lose weight ? is a common question these days.Here are the top ten ways to lose weight. These are the best and proven methods or techniques to lose weight fast :

Top ten ways to lose weight :


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1.Drink ample amount of water

 The first tip for how to lose weight fast is to drink water. Water is not just a way to flush out toxin but if you have more water in your body you will generally feel healthier and fitter. This itself will discourage any trend to gorge.The best thing about water is that it has no calories at all. And also drink a full glass of water before you eat.
2. Eat breakfast
Majority of dieters or weight losers have one thing in common i.e. they regularly eat their breakfast at proper time.
This is because eating breakfast will spread out your hunger and manage your food intake better throughout the day.
  3. Stay away from soft drinks or sweet drinks
It is because all these drinks especially sodas have sweets i.e. sugars in them  and sugar means calories. Therefore the more you leave these drinks the more you lose calories.
4.Eat every meal at proper time
Do not skip any meal . It simply means to lose weight by eating ! What a diet plan . If you are serious about losing weight than never  go more than five hours without eating.
 5.Exercise at least 30 minutes a Day
This isn’t that hard . Walking towards bus stop or going towards work , or even just playing any outdoor game only for half an hour a day. This will keep you active and energetic. It is as simple as that !!
6. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits are the most vital foods that provide us nutrients. Eat fruits instead of drinking juice. Moreover you should eat that fruits that contain good amount of water in it like Tomatoes and Watermelons .These things contain 90-95% water that will fill your stomach without adding kilos.
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7.Always eat dinner at home
Restaurant food is always good to work because someone else does! But it is usually high in fat and calories than we need and comes in large part. Eat out only as a treat. The idea of a great home cooked food is Pasta dish with veggies, Shrimp, tuna, chicken breast  !! This will add proteins. And  its also very delicious and it’s fast and easy.
8.Count your calories
 For  rapid weight loss count your  calories  which is a good idea . If it is a pack that is sure to label the calories that matter.
9.Most diet should be protein and carbohydrates rich
When people ask me how to lose weight fast, I always look at their protein intake.Various processes and activities are going on in our bodies. Things are broken and is being rebuilt. It will also help us for the recovery of diseases.
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10.Gift yourself when you observe any change.
This does not means eat sweets and chocolates ! it simply means go for a movie or buy anything for yourself. This will keep you going and will also inspire you to do more good next time.

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