Vicky Donor creates a rush of Sperm Donors………….

Vicky Donor , a surprise blockbuster had created a very important social work which years of counselling cannot do i.e. to convince the youth to donate sperms.


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Before the launch of the film, there were many less sperm donors in various institutions like medical , engineering and management institutes.

But after the release of the Vicky donor, which is a romantic comedy  based on the theme of sperm donation , younsters from different corners of the country are emerging at great rate and are doing this social work at invitro fertilization (IVF) centres and sperm banks.


According to Anand-based surrogacy and IVF specialist Dr Naina Patel , the desire of youth to donate the sperms was very rare but after the movie “Vicky donor” they have received countless number of mails and calls from the educated youth.

Some of the talks from different youngsters are …………


“I am interested in sperm donation in Delhi so that I can get some money and help for a noble cause as well”

“I would like to donate my sperm to help others and for some extra income”

“I want to donate sperm for the welfare of the society. I am a 23-year-old BBA final year student.”

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