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Why Roadside Assistance Cover should be given utmost importance ?

Indeed, two-wheelers are the best bet to beat the city’s exasperating traffic. Thanks to the sense of freedom on a road with the sun cozying you and the wind ruffling your hair, motorcycles have become the epitome of style and convenience.

However, what if a mechanical fault suddenly interrupts your otherwise smooth journey and there is no way to reach a garage to get your vehicle repaired? Or, you are passing through an isolated road in the wee hours, when your bike suddenly breaks down and there is no help around, what will be your next move?  You would probably make some SOS calls to friends or relatives or frantically search for a garage in the area, right! But what if nothing comes to your rescue? A halted journey is enough to dampen your spirits and press panic button. So, what is the solution? 

Roadside Assistance Cover : 

The solution lies in a roadside assistance (RSA) cover which you can buy along with your two-wheeler insurance policy. This RSA cover carries a convenience factor and offers a multitude of services to help you resume your halted journey.

If your two-wheeler breaks down in a middle of a rainstorm, it is much easier to call the insurer for assistance than trying to fix it yourself. Moreover, it gives peace of mind, which is particularly true in case of female drivers and senior citizens. 

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Let’s take a look at the services extended to two-wheeler owners under the roadside assistance rider over and above the basic insurance policy:  

  1. On-spot minor repairs: The insurer offers an on-spot repairing service in case of immobilization of the insured vehicle. The service is offered to carry out those minor repairs which can be fixed on the spot in less than 45 minutes of labour time without spare parts.
  2. Flat tyre service: In case of a flat tyre, the insurer sends a mechanic to replace the flat tyre. If the on-spot repairing is not feasible, the technician takes the flat tyre to the nearest garage, gets it repaired and then revisits the breakdown point to attach it to the immobilised vehicle.
  3. Towing service: If the insured vehicle is immobilised due to breakdown or accident, the insurer tows your vehicle to a repair shop within a radius of 50 km from the location of the breakdown/accident. In case you want your bike to be towed beyond that limit, the insurer won’t leave your vehicle stranded but will charge extra amount.
  4. Arrangement/supply of fuel: If the insured vehicle runs out of fuel, the insurer provides fuel up to five litre sat the breakdown location. While, all the labour and conveyance expenses will be borne by the insurer, the insured would have to pay fuel charges.
  5. Breakdown support over the phone: In case of minor mechanical/technical fault, the insurer offers telephonic assistance if you do not have time to wait for the mechanic.

The above listed RSA services are not any other regular maintenance program and thus, they are not restricted to a particular location. It means, the policyholder can avail services in the city of residence, parking lot, roadside or highway by just informing the insurer through a call. However, before opting for an RSA cover, thoroughly study the scope of benefits and the respective process. Moreover, all the above listed services can’t be availed individually as per the need. By paying a nominal amount, you can add RSA to your comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Knowing that you’ll have someone to call for help if your bike breaks down, runs out of fuel or if there is any other issue, can bring some peace of mind. Moreover, RSA is a valuable service, especially for those who travel frequently. Even if I never use roadside assistance rider, I sleep peacefully at night knowing I have a proper cover. For me, it is like a surety that gives confidence to a less-than-perfect bike owner like me.

So how did you like our cover on Roadside Assistance. If you still have any queries related to roadside assistance you can comment in the comment section below. For more updates, stay connected.

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