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World’s first mind controlled robot helicopter takes flight

Finally, a Robot helicopter that can be flown using Brain technology has been developed in America. This robot helicopter can be completely controlled with your own mind means using Brain Technology. Moreover, this robot can also be used to help the disabled people with mobility.


Mind Controlled Robot Helicopter Design :

This mind controlled Robot helicopter has been designed by a Team at the University of Minnesota. This team has been led by Bin He who is a very talented Professor of Biomedical Engineering there. The basic reason why they created Mind controlled Helicopter is due to the fact that they believe that it will help people suffering from mobility problems and Speech.

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Basically, this robot helicopter uses a system interface known as Brain Computer Interface and is only controlled by the Thought alone. Moreover, this mind controlled robot shapes like flying disc-like helicopter which has a nose-mounted camera and it can be seen moving up and down in the air and it flies through a foam ring.

How this helicopter is Controlled ?

To control this helicopter, the controller has to wear an EEG cap which is fitted with 64 electrodes. These 64 electrodes helps in transmitting the Brain’s electric currents to a computer which links them via Wi-Fi as a command to the robot. This is how a command is sent to the robot. And just when the controller thoughts or imagines making only a fist with their right or left hand , the robot helicopter turns right or left.

Moreover, Professor of Biomedical Engineering , Bin He explained the motive behind making the Robot helicopter in a very clear way. Professor said, “This Brain Computer Interface technology is all about helping people with a disability or various neurodegenerative diseases to help them regain mobility, independence and enhance performance.”

Well !! it is a very brilliant idea behind this concept which can greatly help the disabled people, by helping them to control their wheelchairs or artificial limbs.


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